Global Asia Printings is open for orders

Global Asia Printings is open for orders – Dear all customers and friends of Global Asia Printings, we hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy and with this Covid-19 pandemic likely to stay with us for quite awhile. To be able to pull through this tough period.

Global Asia Printings received general exemption to still sell face mask to corporate and individual and we are still allowed to have some operation within the office to settle the distribution of this items.

With this, we will like to share to everyone that our company is still available if you require, to take in orders for corporate gifts printing, T-Shirt Printing and Lanyard Printing needs for your upcoming events or your T-Shirts for your CCA or class.

We have supplies of 3 ply earloop face mask in Singapore. For those who need regular supply, you can also speak to us to pre order this with us as we aim to lower the average price of mask that our customers are getting. Mask is currently in very high demand and this has also caused prices to be high across the board unnecessarily.

We are also able to assist you if you require face mask for personal use or if you need it for your corporate needs.

Corporate businesses can get bulk discounts, speak to us if you need a higher quantity of mask.

We are open for the circuit breaker period but do note that we are not allowed to have any walk ins and delivery of mask is done through delivery persons only!

We are also open through payments by cheque or through paynow and transfer.

Expect delivery slowdowns as manufacturers may not be open. We will also have to delay some orders as overseas supplies are slow in recovering from their respective lockdowns.

We apologize for the inconvenience as we keep to the circuit breaker rules and we wish everyone good health, keep safe and keep healthy!

Global Asia Printings is a Singapore business gift printing company.

We assist our customers with quality premium gift printing needs. We also do all forms of T-Shirt Printing Services and Lanyard Printing Services for our corporate and individual customers that believe in the delivery of high quality service and products.

Global Asia Printings is open for orders