The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide

The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide – Are you tasked to design and print something for your School, CCA, Event or Company? Daunting yet exciting. You’ve come to the correct guide for your learning of this cool process.

Welcome to this The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide where we will share with you some of the important tips to look out for when you are doing up the design work.

Also what you have to discuss with a provider on how you should print it so that it properly fits the purpose and also keeps it well within the budget that you are given to work with.

Through this blog post we will share on the software to use for Designing your T-Shirt. Color Choices for your T-Shirts. Material choice for your printing. Budgeting to maximize material and printing choices. With many more tips you did not know when you are trying to come up with your ultimate design and print project.


The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide


Before we begin this guide, we will like to share that the People in Global Asia Printings are T-Shirt Printing enthusiast ourselves. And would love to share more of the T-Shirt Design and Print tips with more people so that we can share in your passion for your Printing needs.

Let us share with you what we have learn over the years and how you can design something you really love and will enjoy. Something that you can be proud of and share with the world.

The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide

T-Shirt Printing & Design Tip Number (1) Getting the T-Shirt Design done up well

The design matters the most because without a nicely designed piece, there is nothing to show the world with. You need to work out what your brand or your organization stands for, and make a good choice of colors and also shapes. Some shapes do not work so well with T-Shirts and should be avoided. And for colors, if you are someone who likes to stand out more, you can always choose very striking colors.The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide

There are many software that you could use to design your T-Shirt.  For the choice of software, the most common usage will be Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This two are the best options when it comes to getting your project done up by yourself or your team.

To learn how to use this software to do actual design work may not be something that you might have the time for. This two tools are very powerful design tools, so if you are able to pick both of them up, you are likely to be able to do very good design work that will go a long way.


The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide


With that consideration in mind, we will recommend to get a designer to do that work for you so that you can focus on the creative process instead. We will strongly recommend websites like to do such a work.

Rates can go from $20 USD to $50 USD for design work depending on your specifications. Designs can be done with 1 to 2 days and you can have a couple of changes based on what the Freelancer allows and make sure that you enjoy that he or she has created.

Once you are satisfied with the final design, you can look into payment and getting the final design send to you. Of which you will have to send to your T-Shirt Printing vendor to help you to do the actual work.




Once you have your design done up either through someone you pay for or through your own hands. It is time to move on to the next step of the T-Shirt Design & Print process. Read on!


T-Shirt Printing & Design Tip Number (2) Choosing the Material & Color of your Actual Print Job

Once you have your hands dirty with the design and have it done up. You will need to start thinking about what color choice you need to make for the base T-Shirt color. If you have an extremely complicated T-Shirt design, we will suggest that you work out your printing with the two basic colors, Black & White, some examples we will share below.

The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide


This T-Shirt by Anderson Serangoon Junior College is a good example, if you choose green or pink you might end up clashing with the colors, so for such neon choices of colors, you should use a plain bottom color to help it to stand out. Black in this case works very well.

The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide

This Shirt Printed for Accenture as well is a good example of many colors and daring design. This design can’t be printed on other colors without killing of such a daring choice of colors. With such complicated color choice and designs, we will always suggest the two basic colors of black or white as the base T-Shirt color.

If you are someone who is looking to use this attire for your sports related event then we will suggest not to use cotton for your printing. The point of having a comfortable attire is to make sure everyone enjoys wearing it for long hours in all kinds of conditions. Drifit material is better able to help you to lose sweat and this will help you to cool down faster. In this manner, dri-fit materials are great because they are more porous and also do not absorb so much of the perspiration but instead allows it to evaporate much faster than normal cotton attire.

This is great for long term in the sun or when you are doing strenuous activities that will mean you will perspire for long hours.

Cotton is more comfortable if you are going to stay indoors with air conditioning on. So the purpose of the printing project will also determine what materials you should use and why you should choose a certain type of material.

Of course if you are needing a jacket printing singapore project instead, you will be better to choose one that is cotton to make sure it is thick and nice and comfortable.



T-Shirt Printing & Design Tip Number (3) Choosing the Printing Method that works best for purpose & budget

Did you know there are 6 major printing methods when it comes to the whole T-Shirt Printing process?

Neither did we when we started doing this business. Lets go through them 1 by 1 shall we.

(3.1) Silkscreen Printing or most commonly called Screen Printing.




To get this method to work, you need a nylon mesh and a stencil. Set up a stencil that is held by the nylon mesh. Using a waterproof material, you block the negative space that you want to have your design on.

The negative space is part permeable and the ink is poured over the screen.

This is the best method for high quality designs as it get the best method to produce your outstanding designs.

This method is usually used for bulk productions of designs for business use and it will not be economically viable for single printings.

Each color can only use one screen and thus makes it less cost effective for multi-color designs

(3.2) Direct to Garment Method

Direct to Garment method is also a very popular choice and it is easy to do but will still require some skills and knowledge. You will need to focus on working on the ink and textile printer.

This method works similar to a paper printer, instead of printing on paper in the office, the printer prints straight onto the shirt itself. All you need to do is upload the design and it creates the piece of art you wish on your shirt.

It is great for complex and difficult designs. It feels soft to the touch and because it is thin it doesn’t case the extra layer feel.

The printer will determine how well it feels and looks. This printing method is also one of the least durable method.

(3.3) Dye Sublimation Method

This method known as Dye Sublimation is good on light shirts. The cost is slightly to get the dye sub done but it will look great.

Dye Sublimation is perfect for printing polyester fabrics. It doesn’t work very well on cotton.

So what happens is that you get this special type of liquid die that dries up when it touches the polyester fabric. When it dries, it will solidify on the fabric, you then apply pressure and heat.

This method is excellent for printing on polyester with minimum designs. They are durable and looks great.

(3.4) Heat Press Printing

For economical reasons, heat press printing is best for time and resources if it is a small quantity of T-Shirt Printing.

Heat Press Method uses a special paper called transfer paper.

It works in this manner, you take a shirt, press it onto the heat transfer vinyl and apply heat and pressure.

You do this until the heat soften the dye on the paper and it gets beneath the cloth.

You use the glossy paper transfer and strip off the dye and it leave you with the actual design on the shirt.

Works very well for complex designs. and wont work well. This method is also very durable

(3.5) Vinyl Cutting

Last but definitely not the least, vinyl cutting. Its a special soft clothing cut into shapes and designs and then transferred to a shirt. This designs are placed onto a T-Shirt using heat press.

You are able print one-off designs and produce big quantities of it.

It gives you the option to use different layers to print colors of a design, usually this is used in designing sports sportswear and small graphics.


T-Shirt Printing & Design Tip Number (4) Choosing the T-Shirt Printing Company

Getting the correct T-Shirt Printing Services Company to do your printing is important. There are so many of such companies around Singapore. But there are only a few that will make sure they deliver the best quality of work with the most reasonable delivery timings.

When it comes to prices, the price should be also done with a good price that will be able to compete with the rest of the printers.

T-Shirt Printing comes down to a lot of experience. Working with someone who can best advise you which material and printing methods to use for your printing. This way you can get the most intended effect and also the best budget for it so that you can do more of such printing in the future.

Getting one that has a good base and background may also mean that you get better prices. This T-Shirt Printing Services companies usually have better prices with bigger bulks with printers or being printers themselves.

Make sure you choose one with good reviews and one with good history. You will definitely not be disappointed.

T-Shirt Printing & Design Tip Number (5) Budgeting for your Project to Maximize Material & Printing Options


One other thing is when you are planning for your T-Shirt Printing project, you will also want to maximize you budget so that you can get the best material and printing method option. If you work closely with a a good T-Shirt Printing Services Company you will expect to have more budget because with the budget that you give tot he sales representatives.

The most important is how much do you have for the printing and also what are the quantities of it. Some printing methods will have a higher base cost due to the materials needed of the base that is needed.

This will mean that if you have a higher quantity, it will cost cheaper overall because the base template cost more. This means that you will have a cheaper cost overall if you have a larger quantity. Because bulk purchases almost always gives you a bigger savings.


There are also choices of materials that are slightly cheaper, for eg. the cotton material is slightly cheaper than dri-fit material but nowadays the difference isn’t too big.

Get the budgeting decided before hand and you will be able to maximize the budget you have and with the best available printing method and material that will make sure that the people who have tasked you with the job of performing this T-Shirt Printing work is happy with what you have done for them.



T-Shirt Printing & Design Tip Number (6) Getting your sample checked and approved 

A qualified and good T-Shirt Printer will definitely get you a piece of sample especially if you have a big quantity of shirts to be printed. If you have a big quantity, the printer will be afraid that delivery is not up to mark and will usually give a good sample before they will get the bulk printing to ensure the color is correct, the printing of the logo is at the right spot. The cutting of the shirt is done perfectly.

This means a good review for approval before you have the delivery of the product.

We will always need a good quality control before this is delivered for a happy customer.


The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide

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We thank you for spending your time in reading this “The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide” that we have spend some time to put together to share with everyone some of our experiences and also some of the ideas of what we are trying to educate our potential clients for many years.

This will ease you through the whole process. or if you are not familiar or require more help. You can speak to our customer service representatives who will be glad to work with you side by side to deliver high quality T-Shirt Printing jobs for your organizational needs.

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We hope you enjoyed this guide and we hope to see you soon getting your design printed with Global Asia Printings! If you are interested in more articles like this, follow our blog and also if you are looking for a good T-Shirt Printing Services company. Speak to us so we can help.

The Ultimate Singapore T-Shirt Printing & Design Guide