Introducing the Promotional Gifts Printing & Supplies in Singapore

Introducing the Promotional Gifts Printing & Supplies in Singapore – Are you a business owner or running an event and will be in need of promotional gifts for your customers or guest that will be arriving for your events. Promo Gifts in Singapore are a very important part to most businesses. This gift items are usually very commonly used for outdoor events where you may have a lot of guest either invited by your team and your business friends or you will be seeing a large number of walk-ins for your event.

The good thing about having nice and well thought out promotional gifts in Singapore is the fact that people will have something to bring home and when they have something to bring home you know that you have very happy guest. Happy guest also means that they will remember your business and want to work with you closely for the long term. Promotional gift items are great for financial adviser teams that are doing road shows, this is a great thing because you will be able to pass them something with your name card and also with a small gift for them to remember your branding for. The next common ones are those companies that want to reach mass market consumers, electricity companies in Singapore right now are trying to reach consumers so that they can convert their electricity bills. So a small little item for those who are potential customers or even for those who have recently signed up will go a long way in bringing about branding value.

So what are some of the items that we will like to share in this article of Introducing the Promotional Gifts Printing & Supplies in Singapore.

Customised PVC Card (PR0029)


The Customized PVC Card is one of the best items for identification. You can pair it with a lanyard and this item will be great to identify who is on your team and who is not!

The PVC customized card is easy to print on and is one of the most common items for those who need to have a team of people going around and to have this for identification purposes.

Laminated Paper Bag (PR0035)


The beautiful paper bag, printing can be done on this bags for those businesses that require giving bags to their customers when they purchase items. Customers who want to give gifts that will need a bag as a carrier will usually print this paper bags with us too.



Keychain LED Torchlight (PR0032)


The Keychain LED Torchlight is a useful item to carry on your bags so that you can use it during emergencies. This is a very handy item that no one usually pays attention to until you need to use it.

The LED Torchlight is a very useful item and also an affordable one for most businesses to use for gift items when they need to have some items for those that they care for.

The batteries do not come together.


Silicone Wristband (PR0011)


Best way for identification purposes when you are at a camp or an event. This item is cheap and easy to understand and easy to wear. The silicone wristband is also a fun item that you can keep for the long term when your event is over.

This means that you will be able to gain


Stressball (PR0001)


Stress balls are great items for a small gift at an event where you might have children. Children love little items that they can play with and also for parents this is also a good thing when your child has access to small little gift items so you don’t need to be the one giving it to them.

What are promotional gifts?

Promotional gifts are products that a company gives away to its customers or potential customers in order to promote its brand or products. They can be anything from small items like keychains and pens, to larger items like appliances and vacations.

Why use promotional gifts?

There are a number of reasons why companies use promotional gifts. First, they are a great way to promote a brand or product. By giving away items with the company’s name or logo on them, customers will be more likely to remember the brand and its products.

Second, promotional gifts are a great way to thank customers for their business. A small gift can show customers that the company appreciates their business and wants to keep them as customers.

Finally, promotional gifts can be a way to attract new customers. By giving away free items, companies can entice potential customers to try their products or services.

What are some common promotional gifts?

Some common promotional gifts include:






-USB drives



How can I use promotional gifts to promote my business?

There are a number of ways to use promotional gifts to promote your business. First, you can give them away to customers and potential customers. Second, you can use them as part of a marketing campaign. For example, you could give away free T-shirts with the company’s logo on them to people who attend a trade show. Finally, you can use them as part of a customer loyalty program. For example, you could give customers a free pen for every five purchases they make.

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Introducing the Promotional Gifts Printing & Supplies in Singapore