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Need a quality T shirt Printing Singapore for your Company / Event / CCA or a Fun T-shirt for your Class?

Buying attires off the rack can be boring? Would you rather be the brains behind your own choice of digital art printed on a t-shirt? At Global Asia Printings, we allow you that flexibility. As the gateway to t-shirt printing services in Singapore, we allow you to express yourself by giving you a say on the design choice. Our multi-functional pieces are suited for different occasions. Play them up or down according to your liking. Our team will work closely with you to ensure only top-quality work is delivered to you. Through our t shirt printing services, we hope to leave you coming back for more.

Let us know the material you will like to use, the designs that you have in mind, the type of usage that T-Shirts are for. We will be able to give you a good idea what will be the best type of printing or material to use so that it will best suit your needs. Comfort and budget is the things that we want to make sure our customers will feel comfortable about.

Customer service is one of the core values that we have at Global Asia Printings and we want to make sure all customers are happy and satisfied.

Work with us for the following:

  1. Sports Team and Corporate Windbreaker Design & Printing
  2. Sports Team Dri-Fit Attire Design & Printing
  3. Sports Team Caps Design & Printing
  4. Class / CCA T-Shirt Design & Printing
  5. Corporate Polo Shirt Design & Printing
  6. University/Polytechnic Jacket Design & Printing
  7. Muslimah T Shirt Printing and design
  8. School Camp T Shirt Printing

Amp up your style and get creative. T-shirt printing has never been more fun!

Printing Product Types

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Our Past Shirt Printing Samples

Printing Methods

Vinyl printing, also known as Jersey printing, is one of the most popular printing styles prevalent today. Commonly printed on jerseys, it is known for its excellent printing results, which boast of durability and colour intensity. In addition to this, is also provides immense smoothness and shine to the print, in stark contrast to silkscreen printing. Decal prints also happen to be slightly raised and feel soft to touch. These do not have high setting up costs and don’t constrain printing to only duplicates, as opposed to silkscreen printing. This is ideal for large-name printing, for instance – names and numbers printed on jerseys, as well as smaller quantities.

This method plots and cuts text with a cutting machine, and weeds away unwanted parts, before transferring them onto a T-shirt, through a heat press machine. Vinyl transfers make customisation of individual shirts effortless, by incorporating individual names and numbers on the print. Their price is dependent on the size, and they are limited to text only, as they don’t work well with elaborate or detail-oriented designs. It has a low setup cost, and can only print in a single colour. If you require long-lasting, single-colour prints look no further than this method!

Heat Transfer is a popular style of T-shirt printing in Singapore, which is used for printing full-colour pictures. You can count on us at PrintInfinito to produce industrial-grade transfers, which are not achievable with ordinary printers. Rest assured that our ecosol digital transfer has been tested for its immense strength and endurance, and is the most durable and colour-fast transfer available in the market to date. It also boasts of high crack and fade resistance and is ideal for printing multicolour graphics or tone graphics. It has a low cost for printing small quantities but it isn’t as long-lasting as silkscreen printing.

The image is printed onto a carrier, which is hereafter transferred to the T-Shirt using a heat press machine. The technology used today has advanced on a brilliant scale, thus allowing the prints to be long-lasting as well as attractive. The pricing of these prints is dependent on their size, which can vary from Logo Size, A4 Size, and A3 Size. This is ideal for customers who require full colour images with colour gradients, such as photos and graphics, which need to be printed onto the T-shirt. In addition, this also enables the printing of multiple colours onto a small run of shirts, at cost-efficient rates.

Being one of the most advanced T-shirt printing methods, this is ideal for elaborate, full-colour images, however, it can only be printed on white colour dri-fit T-shirts. This type of print has an amazingly soft feel and is highly recommended for sportswear, owing to its superior breathability quotient. Choose it for printing bigger, colourful images, at a low cost for smaller quantities. This leads to no feel of the printing, as ink is embedded into the fabric, but comes with lower colour accuracy in comparison to digital transfer.

This T-Shirt printing method uses a dyeing mechanism instead of printing, and is getting increasingly popular in the market, thanks to its durable and comfortable prints. Designs are printed onto a carrier using sublimation inks, which are evaporated onto the T-Shirt using a heat press machine. The size of the print determines the price of dye sublimation, and this process can only be carried out on white-coloured dri fit T-shirts or sublimation-coated products. Suitable for designs which contain gradients and images containing a number of printing colours, this printing method is a modern style which comes in handy in today’s times.

If you are seeking a T-shirt printing method with corporate appeal, look no further. Embroidery is an excellent option for small orders with logo size printing as no template is needed to setup. The printing cost depends on the size of the printing design, as the number of stitches determines the cost. This method offers a range of printing designs without affecting the price, with up to 7 colours of print being offered for the same cost. Global Asia Printings stands out from the rest with its epic embroideries, comprising gold/silver threading and skilled digitizer, which allow personalisation with a host of embroidery methods. Be it your individual name or title, we can embroider everything on your preferred choice of apparel.

We stitch the logo or design onto the T-Shirts, with the help of a computerised embroidery machine. Multi-coloured threads are used to directly sew the pattern on the shirts, which leads to a professional look that elevates your corporate identity. The cost is dependent on the number of stitches, or the size of the print required. This is ideal for printing small logos, for instance on the left chest or sleeves. Create sophisticated, long-lasting designs with quality images and up to 7 colours at no extra cost!

This popular T-shirt printing choice gives superior, long-lasting results, with colour intensity. It is printed with templates to produce replicas of the original design, and since the cost for this is high, it has higher setup costs for lower quantity orders. A majority of the silkscreen factories in the region only provide regular silk-screen printing methods for T-shirt printing. However, we at Global Asia Printings constantly strive to provide specialist services, and thus provide services such as Glitter printing, Gold/Silver printing and even the relatively unheard of Emboss printing!

Rest assured that your printing orders will be always carried out as per your requirements, preferences and budget range. Silkscreen printing utilises a stencil to print the design onto the shirt, and is one of the most lasting printing methods used till date. Ideal for designs that require minimal printing colours, this popular method of ‘spot printing’ provides excellent, long-lasting results with vivid colour quality. It is reliant on templates to print the relevant design on shirts, and every colour that’s printed requires a new template. Since the cost of the printing template tends to be on the higher side, this method has an understandably higher set-up cost for small quantities. For further information, kindly contact our staff at today!

Do you have any questions on the type of cloth or printing methods to use? Send your enquiry about T-Shirt Printing orders through this contact form now!