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Planning to print lanyards for your event, company or school?


Singapore Lanyard Printing – Lanyard in olden times used to play a more practical use for holding weapons close by for fast withdrawal.

As time progressed, it has become more of a practical item that businesses use to hold on to name tags, information tags or security passes. Schools and institutions also use it much more often nowadays for various passes.

The best use is having it printed with your company name, brand color or logo is for identification purposes. Especially so when you are at an event (such as parties) or a school orientation camp with a few hundred or even thousands of participants and need to identify who are the participants and who’s in charge.

There are a few things that you do need to note when you want to print your lanyards:

1. Choosing the strap size
2. Choosing the material
3. Choosing the strap color
4. Choosing the hook
5. Choosing the card holder
6. Choosing the printing method

With that you have a good idea of what information you will need to decide to print with us.

The team at GAPS looks forward to working with you and your team to deliver high quality products that will improve your brand image and assist your customers in identifying you and your team members amongst the crowded marketplace.

Here are some samples of what Global Asia Printings have done for other Singapore Lanyard Printing clients

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