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    Support your staff with gifts

    Support your staff with gifts – Covid 19 is going to be a long fight. We all expected things to last for a few months and go off, just like what SARS was. Not many expected that life will be so different for so many years and likely another year or two.

    Emotionally and mentally, this has been very taxing on everyone. Especially those who have to change their working environment and also those that are required to work from home and having to handle their children and also work at the same time.

    There are also those who are working on the front line and going through the stress of the higher chance of infection.

    This is something that has been causing a lot of stress to many people.

    Business owners understand that morale is a very important part to running a company and this trying years are the ones that will test how strong your firm is in supporting your staff members.

    For those staff members that require more of an injection of morale, we suggest to give something that is useful for their daily lives.

    A water bottle that has some motivation words may be a good start.


    600ml Mason Fruit Infuser Bottle – BPA Free (LS0126)

    Printing can be done on the surface of the bottle so that you are able to write something to keep them going.

    This is also something that your staff members can bring around and thus this is something that will help spread the message.

    We are glad to have the capabilities to assist.

    During this time of tough circumstances, we hope to see our customers doing well and continue to go strength to strength.

    Challenges help everyone to improve.

    Global Asia Printings aim to do better in the long term for our clients.

    If you need help with corporate gifts and t-shirt printing, let us know!

    Support your staff with gifts

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    Most popular Corporate Gift items of April 2021

    Most popular Corporate Gift items of April 2021 – Global Asia Printings is the leading corporate gift supplier in Singapore.

    For the month of april we are able to show you some of the popular items based on the search results on our website.

    We are keen to share so that you will know what is good for you and your business.

    Here are some of our suggestions and lets take a look at what we can do to help you with your business.


    1. Anti Theft Bag

    Anti Theft Bag (B0016)

    The anti theft bag is back in popularity.

    Great item and very inexpensive. Something that is useful when you need to travel or move around places that have theft.

    Not just for anti theft reasons, you can use this to carry things around without the fear of them tearing and contents spilling.



    2. A4 L-Shape File

    A4 L-Shape File (STA0008)

    The A4 L Shape file is a popular item you can use for your business.

    Showcase your brand name or your organization so that everyone who attends the event will remember.

    It is also a useful stationery for those that want to use them for the longer term.


    3. Reusable Cotton Face Mask


    Reusable Cotton Face Mask – 4 Layers (ME0002)

    The mask became a very important item during the covid 19 pandemic.

    The disposable mask is something that causes waste and most decided to switch to reusable mask for more environmental friendly purpose.

    The reusable mask is a great way to do branding because you are able to embroider or print your company logo on the mask.

    If you need reusable mask with your logo on it you can speak to us to customize it for you.



    4. Customized Crystal Trophy


    Customised Crystal Trophy (AR0001)


    Great item for awards and also for items for giving out to employee.

    Popular with real estate and insurance companies for their top winners.

    You can get your custom crystal trophy done at a good price!


    Global Asia Printings is a leading t shirt printing and corporate gift printing company.

    If you need help in customizing something that is unique, you can also speak to us.

    Thank you for reading our article on “Most popular Corporate Gift items of April 2021”.

    Most popular Corporate Gift items of April 2021

  • Expand your marketing through Corporate Gifts

    Expand your marketing through Corporate Gifts

    Expand your marketing through Corporate Gifts – When you run a business, marketing is one of the important parts of your business.

    To keep the company growing is to keep the marketing going. When you want to keep growing and keep doing better you have to market your business.

    Traditional means are not that easy anymore but you still have to try them.

    We all know that digital marketing is something that is taking over like a storm.

    But there are still many ways that a traditional way of marketing will still work.

    Corporate Gifts and T-Shirt Printing is still something everyone will still take a look at.

    Having a great gift for your customer is a best way to make sure that they are happy with what they have.

    The thing is that if you are able to keep your customer happy and well entertained, they will be able to come back to you for more services.

    Expand your marketing through Corporate Gifts is one of the fastest idea and also one that will remain useful.

    People enjoy getting gifts and enjoy showing it to people if is is something that is really nice and useful.

    So, if you are really into building a company, we will recommend to have your corporate gifting in place.

    There are many options when it comes to corporate gifts.

    We are mostly into Electronic Supplies for our customers because they are perceived to be of higher value and also are more useful for the customer who receives it.

    There are also the option of printing your company’s team t-shirt with our company, so that you will stand out.

    A Polo shirt will look semi formal and also look good with good tight fitting designs to look youthful. We strongly recommend Polo Shirt Printing in Singapore.


    Expand your marketing through Corporate Gifts

  • Promotional Fridge Magnet – Hard Type

    Best Custom Fridge Magnet Supplies & Printing in Singapore

    Best Custom Fridge Magnet Supplies & Printing in Singapore – The Fridge magnet. Something that we all enjoy when we are young.

    The magnet is a fascinating thing that seems to do magic for us when we were children.

    When you will play around with two opposing poles and make it move around or you will end up attracting all the metal stuff in school.

    The magnet plays a very special place in our hearts.

    The Fridge Magnet in Singapore is a very useful Corporate Gift item that we can use for our own marketing works.

    When you give an item that they can place on their fridge and it is a very outstanding item, they will definitely see it and look at it often.

    So what are some of the Best Custom Fridge Magnet Supplies & Printing in Singapore options that we can go for.

    So we shall share some of the options that we have here at Global Asia Printings.

    We also have an extensive Magnet Supply in our page.

    Choose us as your Singapore Fridge Magnet Supplier.


    1. Neon Stripe Fridge Magnet

    Neon Stripe Fridge Magnet


    The Neon Stripe Fridge Magnet is a good choice to print your marketing material on.

    It may be small but its great for a simple message or a logo that you will want to remind your customer about.

    Print this little item for them to pin their items on and it becomes an useful item that will mean it stays on the fridge for an extended period.

    Something that is useful will be a very successful corporate gift campaign. Definitely a good choice of Fridge Magnet Supplies from Singapore Fridge Magnet Supplier.

    2. Promotional Fridge Magnet – Hard Type 

    Promotional Fridge Magnet – Hard Type


    The hard time promotional fridge magnet is the most interesting and useful.

    Mostly used by services that will be useful in the house. For example, people doing electrician work.

    For customers that are doing that are property agents, you can also use it to have them see your face everyday so that you can end up selling them a house!



    3. Promotional Fridge Magnet – Bendable Type 

    Promotional Fridge Magnet – Bendable Type

    The bendable type is also a very popular form of magnet for your fridges in Singapore.

    It can also be stuck on other surfaces that curve if you wish to have such an item.

    Convenient and if you are a electricity supplier, you can consider this option.

    This product done for Singapore Power is a good example.

    As your quality Singapore fridge magnet supplier, we are definitely able to make sure you are satisfied with the products.

    4. Customised Metallic Fridge Magnet Customised Metallic Fridge Magnet

    The customized metallic magnet is also a popular option for the customers that wish to custom the color and shape of the item.

    This is also one of the strengths at Global Asia Printings.

    We are able to assist customers to get something special done for you.

    Work with us to find yourself some of the best customized gifts in Singapore.

    Cute and round things always works well. Best Singapore Fridge Magnet Distributor.

    Global Asia Printings is a Singapore based Corporate Gift Supplier.

    We are able to assist you with Customized Gift Sourcing and Supplies .

    You may also wish to find premium luxury corporate gifts that we do carry as well.

    Thank you for reading our article on “Best Custom Fridge Magnet Supplies & Printing in Singapore”.

    If you wish to get yourself Singapore Fridge Magnet Printing Suppliers, speak to us now!

    Best Custom Fridge Magnet Supplies & Printing in Singapore

  • Promotional Fridge Magnet – Hard Type

    New Corporate Gift products for January 2021

    New Corporate Gift products for January 2021 – Happy New Year to everyone! The year 2020 was a tough year for many and in the year 2021, everyone is excited to build a bustling year.

    The people at Global Asia Printings is wishing everyone a great year ahead.

    We will like to begin the year with sharing with everyone some great new products that we will like to share with all of you on what we carry on our corporate gifts catalogue!

    Without further ado, let us start our article on “New Corporate Gift products for January 2021″.

    1. Ultifresh Bomber Jacket (AW0085)

    Ultifresh Bomber Jacket (AW0085)

    The bomber jacket is a very interesting piece of clothing.

    It works well for varsity jackets and also for businesses that are looking to have their logo printed so that when you attend long meetings you feel warm and comfortable.

    We are able to customize the design and also colors, printing of logo.

    You can speak to find out how we can prepare something special for you and your business.


    2. Promotional Fridge Magnet – Hard Type (PR0054)

    Promotional Fridge Magnet – Hard Type (PR0054)


    The promotional fridge magnet, good way for you to show case your work to your customer.

    If it is useful, you place it there so that others will see it.

    Great way for your to spread the word about your business and also for them to remember you!


    3. Promotional Fridge Magnet – Bendable Type (PR0053)

    Promotional Fridge Magnet – Bendable Type (PR0053)

    Bendable version of the promotional fridge magnet, definitely our top favorite.


    4. Mauverick Nylon Backpack (B0100)

    Mauverick Nylon Backpack (B0100)

    The nylon backpack, great item for sports related usage.

    You could also use it to motivate your staff members to be more active!

    5. Breezy Travel Bag (B0099)


    Breezy Travel Bag (B0099)

    The highly convenient travel bag, you can customize your printing on it too!


    Global Asia Printings is a Singapore based corporate gifts supplier and corporate gifts printing company.

    We work closely with our customers to provide high quality supplies.

    If you require help with your

    1. Lanyard Printing
    2. T-Shirt Printing
    3. Custom gift sourcing 

    Speak to us now to get those things sorted out for you!

    New Corporate Gift products for January 2021

  • Great New Corporate Gift ideas for 2021

    Great New Corporate Gift ideas for 2021

    Great New Corporate Gift ideas for 2021 – Its the New Year of 2021, we are glad that things have been going fine in Singapore and we are on route to recovering from the Pandemic that has caused much trouble to the economy and lives of many.

    The pandemic has been a gloomy part of 2020 and with this new year, we hope that things gets better with the vaccine in the process of being administered to people in Singapore.

    There are many new additions of interesting and cute corporate gifts that we will like to share with our future customers.

    There are also many new things that you can do to customize your gifts that you want to gift to a certain groups of people.


    1. Promotional Rubik’s Cube Keychain (PR0051)

    Promotional Rubik’s Cube Keychain (PR0051)

    The Rubik’s Cube Keychain is something very unique and different.

    You can have your logo on it and it works nicely for someone who will be keen to play with a Rubik’s Cube.

    This is something very rare that most people will not be usually doing for their corporate gift needs.

    It sets you apart from the rest by being special and something fund and useful for your needs that will help others to remember you when you are gifting a corporate gift item for the new year of 2021.



    2. Xiaomi Portable Speaker (GE0104)

    Xiaomi Portable Speaker (GE0104)

    The Xiaomi portable speaker is probably a very practical gift that most people will enjoy and use.

    Useful when they head out to go for a date or maybe with friends to hang out and have a picnic.

    Overseas trips are also great to have such an item to listen to music when places are quiet.

    You can have your logo printed so that your customers will know that you are the one giving this to them.




    3. 350gsm Cotton Bath Towel (LS0134)

    350gsm Cotton Bath Towel (LS0134)


    The bath towel probably one of the most interesting thing to give. When someone needs to have a nice and new bath towel, they will see that you have them covered.

    Of course that would also mean that you should choose the higher quality stuff to gift.

    If the material is not good, people might choose to use their own towel instead of yours!


    4. Pump Inflatable Neck Pillow (TA0048)

    Pump Inflatable Neck Pillow (TA0048)


    Useful travel item that you can use for your travel needs.

    Printing logo so that when your client travel they think of you!



    Global Asia Printings is the leading Singapore Corporate Gift Supplier and distributor.

    We assist our clients with Customizing Corporate Gifts for their Singapore clients.

    We are also able to assist with T-Shirt Printing and Lanyard Printing for customers who need high quality work.

    Thanks for reading our article on “Great New Corporate Gift ideas for 2021”.


    Great New Corporate Gift ideas for 2021

  • Why you should give out corporate gifts

    Why you should give out corporate gifts – When it comes to giving, you should never hold back. People really love to receive gifts, especially when things are a little tough for this year.

    There are many items that you can choose from when it comes to gift but the corporate gift will usually need to have something that stands out so that you will be remembered for giuving it.

    Having a logo printed on your corporate gift is one of the simplest and easiest way to have brand recognition.

    Most people will enjoy using say a good pen that is smooth and light. It also allows people to see your branding on it for a long period of time.

    Pen can last for quite awhile and they are usually not too expensive to print and give in bulk.

    There are also many other options such as non woven bags that are usually great way for people to bring things around. Especially in situations now where you are required to bring your own bags when you buy things at super markets are get charged for the plastic bags that you get from them.

    You should always consider some good corporate gift items because this is also a way for you to do branding.

    Branding means people knowing your brand and your business and leading to more business going forward.

    Corporate gifts and t shirt printing are part of what Global Asia Printings is able to do when will be glad to assist you with your needs when you are planning to do something for your business and your staff members going forward.

    We hope to see more for the year of 2021 and any needs you may have for your business printing.

  • Merry Christmas 2020

    Dear Customers and future customers,

    Thank you for the great year of 2020.

    It may have been a tough year for many and also us included, we have been trying hard to adjust our business model so as to survive and thanks to all our clients who have been very supportive of us. We have managed to pull through this tough year.

    We hope to go strength to strength and achieve even better customer service and satisfaction for our customers.

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas this year of 2020.

    May all be well for the upcoming new year and for those who have been finding this year tough to have a better year ahead!

    From the team from Global Asia Printings.

    Singapore Premium Corporate Gift Suppliers.

  • The advantages of Printing your own Custom Corporate Gift in Singapore

    The advantages of Printing your own Custom Corporate Gift in Singapore

    The advantages of Printing your own Custom Corporate Gift in Singapore – Singapore is one place where they are so many options when you want to get your corporate gifts done.

    The fact is that in Singapore, there are many corporate gift companies that will likely source from the same people who hold stock. The main defereince you will expect is service and also the quality of the advice you get from them.

    So what are some of the point that we are trying to bring here. You are unlikely to find something very unique if you look through the catalog of most corporate gifts businesses in Singapore.

    That is the issue with the most common items, for most businesses there are tight deadlines for printing and getting the corporate gift done and when this happens, what you can only do is to find something that is available in Singapore and print your logos and send it out to your guest or customers.

    But we all know how something that is specially done for someone will definitely stand out more.

    So here comes Custom Gift Printing. Lets read about “The advantages of Printing your own Custom Corporate Gift in Singapore”.

    1. Custom Gift Printing in Singapore gives you the freedom to do anything you want

    Not exactly anything! But if you do have the budget, many things can be done. You want a thumb drive the shape of a thumb? Sure, we can do that. Or you want something that is unique in color or shape of your logo? Sure we can do that.

    If you are someone who enjoys the freedom of design and doing something that is so special, you can try out doing the custom gift printing process with us at Global Asia Printings.


    2. Customized gifts makes it easy for you to be remembered

    If everyone gets the same type of items or same shape of things, you will bet that no one truly remembers the items that they receive.

    If you want other people to really remember the things that you have done for them. Then have something that is really unique and special.

    We will suggest to do something that is new and fresh to make sure others will really remember you and your gift.


    Global Asia Printings is the leading corporate gift supplier in Singapore.

    We are able to assist you to get some really cool customized gifts that you may want to do for your annual gifting season.

    Speak to us to find out more about what you can do for them now!

    The advantages of Printing your own Custom Corporate Gift in Singapore

  • Is a T-Shirt or Shirt good for your business

    Is a T-Shirt or Shirt good for your business – When you are running a business, you should consider getting a team t-shirt. Because identity is everything. When you have a team of people who do not really have a set clothing outlook and then you are serving as a team, there isn’t anything the client can use to make sure you are from the team.

    The T-Shirt and Shirt printing for your company is important.

    Branding is one of the key items that any business should always look at. Other than just marketing which is to bring in your customer, for your customer to remember you and your brand is to use the logo and also the brand color.

    The brand color can be something that helps you to set yourself apart from the rest.

    Associate your brand with good service and also a nice design and color can be something that many people will want to do.

    So when you are trying to get corporate gifts and also other forms of work, you will be a person that is able to show the world your business.

    T-Shirt printing is also not that easy, you need to decide the Logo, the color and the design.

    The choice of material is also important. The materials can be more sporty or it can also be more comfortable.

    When you are trying to do a shirt for work, a Polo T-Shirt might also be a better choice because it looks more professional than to have a T-Shirt.