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    Customized Mug Printing Services in Singapore

    Customized Mug Printing Services in Singapore – The elusive mug printing services in Singapore. Something that most people will use daily but do not really realize its there. But also one of the best ways to do branding for you and your customers to work out well in getting your product brand shown to the world.

    When you are someone who is looking to let customers see you and your product all over the place when they are working, the mug is one of the best gift. Firstly it is something that is cheap and easy to make, a couple of dollars for one and you can print in all shapes and colors.

    This is also exceptionally useful for businesses that needs to be seen more commonly in the office or in someone’s house.

    When you close a deal with them you can thank them by giving them a cup or a mug that has printed with your logo and also what services you do and when they have done with it. They will set it at home or in the office.

    The good thing about such products is when you have it there, they will remember your brand. When they need to recall that they need something like this you are the first person that will come to mind for their need of customized mug printing services in Singapore

    Custom mug printing can be for the use of all this cool looking logos with a nice glossy feel that makes it look expensive and great product.

    Products that look good will be used more and when people use your product more, the more they identify with your brand.

    Let us share what are some of the products we have and want to share with the rest of you and if you are keen to speak to us about your custom mug and cup printing project. We are keen to work for you on your corporate mug printing services needs.

    2 Tone Ceramic Mug (LS0101)

    2 Tone Ceramic Mug (LS0101)

    Grotto Ceramic Mug (LS0080)

    Grotto Ceramic Mug (LS0080)

    11oz Dual Colour Ceramic Mug (LS0026)

    11oz Dual Colour Ceramic Mug (LS0026)

    11oz Trendy Sublimation Mug (LS0024)

    11oz Trendy Sublimation Mug (LS0024)

    Colour Changing Mug (LS0016)

    Colour Changing Mug (LS0016)

    Ceramic Mug (LS0015)

    Ceramic Mug (LS0015)

    Global Asia Printings is the leading printer for mugs and cups in Singapore and we have done it for many of our customers, speak to us to see more samples and if you are keen we are keen to share with you the various interesting products that we have done before.

    We will love to work with you soon and we will be waiting for your needs a nice custom mug printing Singapore project.

    Customized Mug Printing Services in Singapore

  • Crystal Trophy Supplies in Singapore Custom Print

    Reason to print a nicely done Crystal Trophy in Singapore

    Reason to print a nicely done Crystal Trophy in Singapore – Singapore is a place where you can get nice things if you are able to win something. There are many reasons to get a trophy and there are also many reasons to print a nice one for your winners.

    Whether is it in school where someone scores the top in school or someone who wins a sales content for the month for your firm. The top winner will love to have a list of things that they can brag about and one of the things is to win a nice and big trophy from the the team leaders and for it to be displayed either at home or in the office so that they are more motivated to do better in sales or in School.

    Reason to print a nicely done Crystal Trophy in SingaporeThere are so many reasons to get a trophy and getting a nice customized crystal trophy is even better for someone who wishes to win more things.

    Global Asia Printings is able to deliver a high quality product for someone who wishes to produce one for their award and recognition purposes and this is a nice product with the branding places at the top of the item or on the sides. You can decide how you want it and we will do it for you!

    Don’t forget to give us some lead time for this because this item will need some time to prepare for.

    Speak to us to find out more about this unique product today!

    Customised Crystal Trophy (AR0001)


    Global Asia Printings looks forward to assisting your with printing items that you need for your school or corporate needs. We also support many events and this event organizers will love to work with us in the long term.

    We work closely with many MNCs and SMEs to produce the highest quality products for them. Speak to us today!

    Reason to print a nicely done Crystal Trophy in Singapore

  • Essential items for Covid-19 Prevention

    Essential items for Covid-19 Prevention – Covid 19 is said to be with us for a long time and if this is to be true, we will need to make sure that we are well protected, there are some items that Global Asia Printings are having in stock that may be helpful for you to protect yourself and your family.

    Use it for corporate gifting purposes or you could also be doing it for your employee and team mates.

    There are a few products that we will like to share about and here are some of the top favourites we have in our products arsenal.

    We will also like to thank you for reading about our “Essential items for Covid-19 Prevention” article.

    Face Shield

    Face Shield (ME0004)

    The Face Shield is an effective equipment for you to protect yourself from droplets that might be coming from people who are talking.

    Useful item for front liners doing work in F&B roles or retail

    Surgical Face Mask 

    Disposable 3 Ply Ear Loop Face Mask – Adult (ME0001)

    The Surgical Face mask is definitely one of the top favourites. It helps to trap any particulates that will be expelled and also to block off some of those vapors that you are taking into your body when you breathe. Surgical face mask are very useful and we are able to hold on to quite some stock for the people who will need this product like some of our customers.

    UV Sterilizer Box

    UV Sterilizer Box (GE0089)

    One of the other useful item for your home use. You can use it to kill of bacteria on your mask, on your phone, your watch or even your wallet.

    Useful for it to be in the office or at home in a location that is available for use anytime you wish to disinfect something that you might have contaminated.

    This product is easy to use and cheap and convenient, we will strongly recommend it!

    Reusable Face Mask

    Reusable Cotton Face Mask – 4 Layers (ME0002)

    Something that the government have recently issued. This cotton face mask is more comfortable and comes with filtering additions so that you can filter of bacteria and also other harmful particulates.

    We can also print your name on the mask so that you can identify who owns it and also it is a nice fashion statement!

    If you are keen to get some customized you can speak to us.

    Global Asia Printings is a leading Singapore Corporate Gifts Printing company that can assist you in your business needs.

    Thank you for reading more about “Essential items for Covid-19 Prevention”.


    Essential items for Covid-19 Prevention

  • Wishing everyone Happy Lunar New Year 2020

    Wishing everyone Happy Lunar New Year – In this upcoming year of the Rat, the Global Asia Printings team will like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year, may the blessings of the rat rain upon them and may great wealth and health be by your side for the upcoming year.

    Global Asia Printings will be closed from 24th of January until 30th of January.

    We look forward to working with you for the Year of the Rat.

  • Global Asia Printings wishes everyone a Merry Christmas 2019

    Global Asia Printings wishes everyone a Merry Christmas 2019 – Another year is coming to an end and this is also an exciting year for Global Asia Printings Pte Ltd.

    We will like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for your support all this years and new incoming customers who put their trust in us and also our products.

    Global Asia Printings is committed to sourcing for the highest quality products for our corporate gift clients and ensure that delivery is done with the highest quality and timing in mind.

    Our Lanyard printing and T-Shirt Printing divisions are also glad to share that it has been a great year of many blessings with many work done for our clients from the various institutions, organizations and corporate.

    Your support allows us to continuously innovate and improve on our processes.

    We look forward to launching more new products and also to an even better 2020!

    Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    Why Travel Adaptors are the most useful Travel Corporate Gifts

    Why Travel Adaptors are the most useful Travel Corporate Gifts – Its December, the month of traveling and partying and also of fun and play. This is also the month where everyone is winding down for the upcoming new year. There are many people who will take advantage of the holiday periods to fly overseas and enjoy time with their family.

    So when you travel , the most commonly used item definitely has to be the most handy and most commonly useful item that you definitely must bring along with you for travels which is your travel adapter.

    The travel adaptor is also one of the best items for you as a company to print for your corporate needs.

    The good thing about what Global Asia Printings can do for our customers is the fact that we can have your travel adaptor item well printed with your logo on it so that when your customers or people that you wish to gift to will be able to enjoy your item and also be happy to see your logo on it. Adding to it the branding benefits and also the good will your customers will feel when they receive this items from you. This is one of the most useful and advantagous products to give as corporate gift items for your customers in Singapore.

    So lets share some of the travel adaptors that we carry in Singapore:

    1. Universal Travel Adaptor With Pouch (TA0008)



    2. 2 in 1 Travel Adaptor with Removable Charging Pad (TA0035)



    3. Travel Adaptor with Type C and 4 USB Port (TA0042)



    Find Global Asia Printings for your travel adaptor needs and also let us do the printing work for you so that you can give the best to your customers who will truly enjoy your attention to detail.



    Why Travel Adaptors are the most useful Travel Corporate Gifts

  • Why you should use lanyards to sort out your guest at an event

    Why you should use lanyards to sort out your guest at an event – Lanyards are a cool thing, when you look at lanyards, they come in all shapes and sizes and designs. There are many forms of lanyard printing as well. There are many kinds of materials that you can work with too and the most common way people use lanyards are when they are running an event and this is one of the best ways to get your exhibition going on in Singapore when you need to be able to assign to each person some kind of identification.

    So Why you should use lanyards to sort out your guest at an event, there are many other ways that you can do it through name tags or through holding on to items but one of the best reasons for you to to use lanyards is to have easy identification. The color on the lanyard can help you to identify who are the organizers and who are the participants of a certain event. This helps the exhibitors to identify who they should be speaking to if they are trying to sell something. You might not want to be spending too much time on a fellow exhibitor and the organizers when you can be building revenue trying to reach out to your intended customers.

    This is also one of the reasons why lanyards are used because lanyards are cheap and easy to get your customers to use them. Get your information like your company name and also your own name on the name tag, link it to your lanyard and you are ready to go.

    Lanyards can also be of different design that will help you to stand out from the rest. When you head to a creative event for example, having a lanyard with a certain design can also help you to stand out from the crowd and makes you look different from everyone else in the group and sea of people.

    Events are also a great way for you to use specially made lanyard that are tagged with a certain kind of lighting or electrical equipment. Lighting equipment at concerts can help you set the mood of the whole event when you can change colors based on the mood of the event itself. Centrally controlled systems will make a big difference for the whole mood and it will help to lift the whole setting of the event.

    For certain events where you might want to track where all the participants are, you can use something with a tracker and have receivers around the whole event space. You can try where everyone is in the venue and optimize the resources or to divert them to other parts of the event space so that all your exhibitors get a good return on investment for them being there for the exhibition event.

    There are various ways that lanyards can be used to better optimize your event and exhibition and there are many ways the small lanyard can be a very useful tool for your business needs.

    Contact Global Asia Printings now to find out how you can get your lanyard design and printing done with us and how we can assist you to make a better impression on the people around you.


    Why you should use lanyards to sort out your guest at an event

  • Corporate Gifts for Christmas in Singapore

    When you are celebrating your christmas holidays with your family and friends, you can always remember that you customers will also be celebrating theirs. 

    There are many items that are great for this festive season and we will be sharing some ideas that we have come up with to allow you to reach out and also reach the hearts of those that will help your business grow and also to thank them.

    Thanking people through gifts is one of the nicest things of this festive seasons. The festive periods are times when people show their appreciation for others around them and also to show that they care. 

    What makes Christmas special is also the gatherings and spending time together. 

    Let us share some of the thoughts and ideas of what we think is great for this Christmas Seasons


    The Notebook is one of the best presents and the trustiest item to give to your customers. Anyone will need writing spaces for them to record information and at the same time to go to meetings to. What is best than to have your logo on the A5 Notebook that you are gifting to your customers. 

    Newstead Windbreaker

    The trusty windbreaker, winter season is a cold season, even in Singapore.

    Having a well made windbreaker will be great for you and your customers. They will be appreciative that you do care when the weather turns bad and actually thinking forward for them.

    This translate to great feelings for you and your work!

    Find out more about how you can create unique products for your customer needs and also to have your logo and slogans added to them for maximum branding effects.