Umbrella as Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Umbrella as Corporate Gifts in Singapore – The umbrella is probably one of the most useful items in Singapore because of our rainy weather that comes and go. The rain can get really bad at the end of the year when the monsoon period comes about. The rains can go on for hours on ends and you may be stuck at a place where you don’t want to be.

This is something that anyone does not want to face. So what is the best way for you to be the shelter for your customers. Umbrella supplier Singapore Global Asia Printings is one of the few companies that print on umbrella in Singapore for your corporate gift needs. Especially when you want to have it for outdoor usage or even for Golf related usage. This item is probably one of the best product placement items because the printing on the umbrella can be done very prominently.

Umbrella printing in Singapore is probably one of the best corporate gifting ideas that we will like to share with our readers today so, below will be some of our suggested products and why we think it will be great for the usage of corporate gifts for MNCs and SMEs in Singapore to reach out for their branding campaigns.


30″ Manual Open Golf Umbrella (LS0058)


Golf is probably one of the most popular games amongst the rich and the famous. This game is not just expensive but also the skills involved will require a lot of time to get there. The thing about having a nice golf umbrella with your branding is the fact that this people on the pitch will love to have this item around when you are not playing. Being constantly under the sun can be a very hot thing to do and having a nice umbrella covering your and shading you is one of the most blissful things that you can experience and this is one item that the avid golfer will love to receive when they are playing on the pitch.

The logo design will also follow with this person for the next few hours, probably the most effective item for branding purposes.


27″ Regular Straight Umbrella (LS0056)


The straight umbrella is probably the most common item out there for umbrellas. Sturdy and easy to use this items are a great item to have on a rainy day. The rainy day umbrella is also one with nice surface to print on. The umbrella of choice is one of the best items for companies that want to “shield” their customers from the elements and how best to show this branding than to have it with the umbrella.

The umbrella is also easy to maintain and keep when not in use.


21″ UV Coated Foldable Umbrella (LS0054)



Convenience is why this foldable umbrellas are invented in the first place. Small and easy to keep in your bags, the foldable umbrella is a very useful item when you need it. Not as bulky as the straight umbrellas, this item can be a little flimsy but useful nonetheless when the umbrellas are needed.

The foldable umbrella is also very useful to anyone who wishes to have it with them.


23″ Inverted Umbrella (LS0050)


One of the cool new inventions recently. The inverted umbrella is useful for people who drive, coming out of a vehicle and opening a traditional umbrella can mean you getting drenched but the inverted one is so much easier to use when exiting a car.

The inverted umbrella is also nice to print logos on for branding purposes.

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Umbrella as Corporate Gifts in Singapore