What corporate gift to choose from with a tight budget

What corporate gift to choose from with a tight budget – Tight budgets can be quite a bummer when you are trying to reach out to more customers and trying to grow your business. There are many things that you wish to do but because you don’t have a strong revenue year or you don’t have someone funding your business you end up having to bootstrap and having to save here and there to make ends meet.

There are corporate gift ideas that we at Global Asia Printings can share with you if you are on a tight budget that might limit what you can do but nonetheless still able to deliver some of the work that you wish to deliver and to give the customers that you care about that love and care that you will expect from yourself.

The best things to do with tight budgets is to stretch it so that you can do more with less, let us share with you What corporate gift to choose from with a tight budget through the exploration of our cheap corporate gift options.



650ml Classic PC Bottle (LS0092)


The Classic PC bottle is one of the nice items to give to your customers when you are able to give them the simple product that will go a long way. The PC bottle is nice and colorful and great for the usage of going outdoors to give the best for the customers who are out there and will need to have water being brought around.

Get the best of both worlds with your branding on the outdoors and cheap for the products.



Fabric Keychain (PR0026)


Keychains are useful products that you can show your branding and also at the same time be carried around by your customers who need to chain their keys together and be used around the place. The key chain needs to nice to look at to begin with so that people will start using it and taking it up for usage.

The fabric keychain is something new and nice because of its material and you will be able to come up with a good number of designs on it with a good naming of your organization.


Mobile Phone Holder (GE0018)


The mobile phone holder is something that is cool and fun to use, you will be able to use it for your tables and this is something that most people want to have when they are charging at their charging points as well. Hanging it well there and good to make sure you are able to deliver the high quality of usage of this item and your customers will be happy to have this in place.

Global Asia Printings will be keen to work with you on budget corporate gifts for your business and if you want to find cheap gift ideas, you can always contact us to find out more about the requirements that you will require for your business. Our team at Global Asia Printings look forward to working with you on this.