Portable Charger Supplies for Corporate Gifts Singapore

Portable Charger Supplies for Corporate Gifts Singapore – The smart phone revolution and tablet revolution has created many new products that are useful for the average person nowadays. This item did not use to be very common but has day by day become an essential for people who wish to charge their devices on the go and this has also become a nice item for corporate gift items for businesses.

So what is this item we are sharing, this is the portable charger that has become quite a good gift that you can gift as corporate gifts for your business associates and also for those who wish to share this item with the world as items that you can use to charge your devices when it is running low. What else is a better way of “saving” your customers than to have your brand coming out to rescue your customers from having low or no more battery. The branding of your company can be printed on the charger that you gift to your customer and they will see your brand when they need to quickly save their charge.

So what are some of the good portable charger supplies that Global Asia Printings is selling and supplying and how you can rely on us as the portable charger supplier in Singapore for your needs.

Portable Charger Supplies for Corporate Gifts Singapore


RFID Card Holder with Portable Charger (STA0127)STA0127

Nothing is more convenient than having a RFID cardholder together with your portable charger. This item of convenience is something that most people will enjoy having for your own needs and also customer needs.

The design of the portable battery charger is also very sleek and easy to look at. It makes the whole concept nice and easy to work with and enjoy. The important part of a corporate gift and also a portable charger is that the fact that it is pretty and nice to look at. Which this product will hold well for both.

Ultra Slim Powerbank (GE0055)


Ladies enjoy the ultra slim portable battery charger because it is easy to carry in their bags and they are light and cute to have. The ultra light and slim portable chargers are also a nice to have item that is not just easy to carry around but also good to have for charging purposes. This is a good corporate gift item for your customers and employees to have with the branding purposes done up for your business needs.


Neon Portable Charger 4400mAh (GE0016)


Neon portable charger is a nice item that has nice and clear neon colors and easy to carry around because of its small size. People who enjoy the easy to use and clean design will love this item that will help your brand to stand out when you print on this charger item on the many surface it may have.


Markus Slim Portable Charger (GE0009)



Another slim portable battery charger pack that you can carry around with ease. The joy of using this item will be enjoyed by most of your customers and this is a great item for corporate gift needs.

If you require portable battery charger supplier in Singapore , you can always contact Global Asia Printings to assist you with the purchase, printing and delivery of this items.


Portable Charger Supplies for Corporate Gifts Singapore