Affordable Cheap Singapore Corporate Gifts Suggestions

Affordable Cheap Singapore Corporate Gifts Suggestions – Corporate Gifts are a great way for you to say thank you to your customers who have been there supporting your products or services. It is also a good marketing method for you to reach out to your customers and remind them of your company. This allows for cheaper re-targeting of the same clients. At the same time it also allows your to build your company branding for the long term. Long term branding is one way to make sure that your business will have a good long term plan and effect for the world and also for you to generate long term income for success of the business and personal success.

We will be giving a good base of suggestions for the cheap corporate gifts that we can suggest to you so that you can make a good impression without breaking the bank and also making sure that you can do a bigger effect in the long term. Cheap Corporate Gifts are a way to go so that you can afford more of them when you want to constantly produce more gifts for your customers or employees.

We are glad to assist you if you need any advice when it comes to find a good affordable item for your budget. We are professionals in this field for many years and to work within customers budget for a good gifting experience is one of the few things we work to achieve for our guest.

Affordable Cheap Singapore Corporate Gifts Suggestions 1 – Ceramic MugsCeramic Mug Supplier

One of the best choices for a cheap and good corporate gift choice is the ceramic mug. Everyone office needs to have mugs for people to drink from. This is also a very common item that will be placed on everyone’s table. This is also something that everyone will need to have every single day. Even the CEO or the marketing director will need to have a drink. So what else is the best for exposure than to have this item that can be sitting on the desk of almost everyone. Especially so when you sponsored this item for someones’ new office opening. Your brand will be seen every day by then, consistent branding and long term goodwill for the best effects for anyone.

Ceramic mugs are also very budget savvy way to get things done, good exposure with good budget is what makes this one of the top affordable singapore corporate gifts choice by us!


Affordable Cheap Singapore Corporate Gifts Suggestions 2 – Customized Acrylic Keychain


Customized acrylic keychain is one of the nice items you can give to your customers or your guest so that they can hang it on their bags or other items. Keychains are useful for people to hang up their keys and keep them in a neat manner and this is also one of the cheap corporate gift ideas that we can give you to make a good impression for your customers.

Keychains are also very affordable and easy to use. Something that most people will find the usefulness when they want to go towards getting the cheap gift that will go the furthest. We will suggest to you the keychain as a good way for a long term gain and effect for your clients. Cheap Corporate Gifts such as keychains are useful because they are easily usable and people will enjoy having them around.


Affordable Cheap Singapore Corporate Gifts Suggestions 3 – A4 L Shape File



Every office or company will need to keep their files in order. Having a good A4 File will be great for you to have your branding shown to the office of your client when they want to keep their documents. If you are doing something related to the office setting, for example you sell paper or you sell pen or files. This is a good way to let them see your branding in the office the whole time because they will be carrying your file or having your file on their table.

Having this item on the ready is one of the nice ways of having your brand displayed to the world and to your potential client.

The good thing about this is it is also one of the most affordable gift ideas that you can think of and also a very effective and efficient one!


Affordable Cheap Singapore Corporate Gifts Suggestions 4 – Aquarius Sports Towel

Aquarius Sports Towel

Are you a company that supports a healthy lifestyle. If your company is one that cares about the welfare of your own staff and also about the employees of your customers, the aquarius sports towel is a excellent choice for such an item.

Sports towels are great items that will help you to take good care of your customers and also your own staff members, this is a great way for you to have a good comfortable way of reaching out and also branding yourself to become a better and more caring company.

Towels can also be used at home when you want to use it for personal uses. This is a great item that can be useful for all purpose and usually will definitely by used by people who are gifted this item. The whole idea of having a corporate gift item is to have it being used widely by the person instead of having it kept somewhere and not used. We are sure the towel will be taken seriously and used by the person who receives it.

Affordable Singapore Corporate Gifts Suggestions 5 – A4 Cotton Bag


A4 cotton bags as a cheap and affordable corporate gift are very useful items that people can use on a daily basis. You can see a random lady carrying a nice A4 cotton bag with a nice design on the side, this is because they are comfortable to the skin, light and very good at carrying heavy weight.

The A4 cotton bag is also easy to print on making it a good branding purpose gift that you customers will definitely enjoy having

You will also be able to print a good large logo for brand recognition purposes. We will strongly recommend this item for events, festivals and for large scale sports events.


Affordable Singapore Corporate Gifts Suggestions 6 – Collapsible Water Bottle


Are you a sporty person? The collapsible water bottle is easy to keep , easy to use and very useful for the active person. Water on the go, it is a nice colorful addition to your mundane looking bag or table.

The water bottle is also very versatile and last for a good time. It can hold quite an amount of water and you can use to freeze drinks as well. Easy to clean and easy to identify with it nice reflective colors.

We recommend it for sporty outdoor events and we will encourage to have a good usage of it for sporting events.

Affordable Singapore Corporate Gifts Suggestions 7 – Cotton Drawstring BagB0049_1.jpg

A Cotton drawstring bag is a very good item to be given out during exhibitions or fairs. You can carry many items in it and it also great for outdoor events. Festivals are also a great place for this items where you can carry promotional material, water, caps or even any other fun items. One common use of such drawstring bag is the National Day Parade where you can have all the goodies inside this useful and versatile bag that you can carry home after the event. It not only can be stretched to store more things, it holds a good amount of weight as well. It is also light so you can use it for many purposes without it being a weight on you if you have to go long distances with this useful and fun bag.

Printing of logo can be done on the front or the side and this will allow for the branding effect of this useful item.



Global Asia Printings is a corporate gift company based in Singapore that prints and supplies high quality affordable corporate gifts for business based around the world. There are many good quality cheap items that you can source through us and you will be surprised what you can do with the corporate gift ideas. Global Asia Printings and its sales team are excited to work with you closely to deliver the best work for you and for you to have the best impact for your customers needs. We have affordable and cheap corporate gifts that are sure to excite your guest.

We look forward to working with you in helping you with the sourcing, printing and delivery work for your gift needs and build a long term relationship with you and your business.

Affordable Cheap Singapore Corporate Gifts Suggestions