Singapore Executive Gift ideas for Chief Executives

Singapore Executive Gift ideas for Chief Executives – C-Suite individuals are the ones with very high expectations of things, of others and of themselves. The go-getters who are always out there achieving and trying to reach new level of achievements. C-Suite level executives like your CEO, CFO, COOs are also not easy to impress when you are trying to present them with Corporate Gifts that they will find useful and will have a good impression of you the person who is buying this items for them. So what are some of the ideas that we have that we wish to present in this article of “Singapore Executive Gift ideas for Chief Executives “.

Global Asia Printings is one of the leading executive gifts Singapore supplier. There are many items that we carry that we believe will be great gifts for such C-Suite level personnel and we are able to work closely with you to get the printing options done up properly so that you have the logo of your organization or theirs printed on it to perfection. Lets start the sharing of Singapore Executive Gift ideas for Chief Executives.


Grotto Ceramic Mug (LS0080)



The Grotto Ceramic Mug is not only a nice soft touch material that looks and feels expensive. It is also one of the most useful item for the Chief Executive to bring around for his or her meetings. The meetings that this C-Suite personnel need to go to can be quite mind numbing and to keep them going on at the peak of their cognitive range, the coffee needs to be consumed on a regular basis. The Ceramic mug keeps the coffee warm and also not spill it when it is toppled. The handle is easy to hold and it looks simple and easy to bring around. Something very simple but very useful for the executive level person to get things done with ease and this is definitely useful.



Mousepad With Inbuilt Wireless Charger (GE0011)


The mousepad with inbuilt wireless charger is one of the useful items to have. You can charge your phone right beside your work desk while you are getting some work done. The worst thing to have to do anything nowadays is to have to find a cable to get your phone charging done up. The phone is always in use and it gets depleted very fast and this is one thing that most people do not enjoy doing which is really to get it charged.

This item not only makes it convenient and it is easy. The mouse pad is of a nice material and it is comfortable to the touch and classy. Small logo on the side and it feels your branding requirements.




Xiaomi Wireless Charger (GE0051)



The Xiaomi Charger places the same duty as the mousepad with a charger. Executive rushes back to his office, put his phone down on the charger and goes grab a coffee, handles his meetings and then when he is back, the phone is more or less charged up and he is ready to move out to close the next deal again.

The Xiaomi brand is also one that you can trust and something that is of nice value that you can gift to a C-Suite level person, together with printing your logo on it!

Global Asia Printings will love to work closely with your to deliver high quality product and work for your Executive Gifts Printing needs. Contact us now!

Singapore Executive Gift ideas for Chief Executives