Why Water Bottle is a good Corporate Gift

Why Water Bottle is a good Corporate Gift – Looking for a good water bottle supplier in Singapore? You are probably going to find some of the good choices at Global Asia Printings with our extensive collection of nice and interesting looking and affordable water bottles for the corporate gift printing needs of your business.

The good thing about water bottles is that they can be a good gift that is not just useful for people who will want to bring the nice water bottle along for food or for overseas trip or when they are exercising. This is an item that many people will love to have and also will be one of the most useful items you can have for your arsenal of items that you can gift to your customers who are working closely with you and you really want to be happy with them and them happy with you and remembering you for the usefulness of the item that you are getting them.

At Global Asia Printings, one of the leading water bottle suppliers in Singapore, we are glad to share with a list of some of the items that we think will be useful for you and we are glad to share with you why we think so too and you will be able to find out what is good for you and what is great for the business that you are in. Our sales persons will also be able to give you a good idea on why you are able to give a good impression with the items.

So what are the items from our water bottle supplier arsenal. Let me share it with you now!


450ml Square Frosted Water Bottle – BPA Free (LS0093)


The square frosted water bottle is a nice item that is not only uncommon in the market place it is also something that is nice to have. You won’t be able to tell what you are having in the drink today which adds to some privacy for your favourite beverage! The item is also not costly and one of the few new items that we are having in our new item list right now. Something that will bound to be a nice gift for your corporate gift needs.


Sport Bottle with Cup (LS0089)


The sports bottle with cup is a useful item because for a sports person you may need the convenience of something that is easy for you to enjoy your drinks and this is also a nice useful to use item for sports person. Drinking and going is one of the important uses of sports bottles and we are glad this sporty water bottle can come into place for the use of many sports persons in Singapore.


BPA Free Collapsible Water Bottle with Supercap (LS0084)



Are you an active person who likes to travel around quite a bit and like to go on hikes. The collapsible water bottle is probably one of the useful items that do not take up too much space when it is not filled with water. This item is also easy to keep and maintain and this is one of the top picks from our list of water bottles that we supply to our corporate customers.


Aluminium Alpine Bottle (LS0065)


The staple of water bottle supplies in Singapore. This is definitely one of the favorite water bottle options where you can print your logo on and also for you to share with your customers and have them bring it around. Sturdy and nice to look at, this is very popular item for corporate gifting.

History of Water Bottles

The first water bottles were actually animal skins that were filled with water and tied to the traveler’s waist. The water would stay cold in the summer and warm in the winter due to the natural insulation of the animal skin. In the early 1800s, people started using metal pails or buckets to carry water. These buckets were often made of tin or pewter and were lined with tar to prevent the water from corroding the metal.

The first glass water bottles were developed in the early 1800s by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. These bottles were made of blown glass and had a cork stopper. In 1824, Joseph Bramah developed a screw-on cap for glass bottles, which made them easier to transport.

The first plastic water bottle was developed in 1944 by the American company DuPont. This bottle was made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a type of plastic that is still used today. Plastic water bottles became popular in the 1970s, when polycarbonate bottles were introduced. Polycarbonate bottles are made of a plastic that contains Bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to health problems in humans. As a result, many plastic water bottles now include a label that says “BPA-free.”

In the early 2000s, water bottles began to be marketed as “sports bottles.” These bottles were designed to be more durable and easier to drink from while you were active. The sports bottle trend led to the development of “smart” water bottles, which track your water intake and remind you to drink water throughout the day.

Today, water bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are made of a variety of materials, including glass, plastic, and metal. They are also available in a variety of colors and designs, making them a popular accessory for people of all ages.

So what’s the next big thing in water bottles? Some experts believe that the next trend will be water bottles made from bamboo or other sustainable materials. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly, and it can be processed into a variety of different materials, including water bottles. So far, bamboo water bottles have only been available in Asia, but they are likely to become more popular in the United States in the years to come.


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Why Water Bottle is a good Corporate Gift – Water bottle supplier in singapore