New Singapore Corporate Gifts for November 2019

New Singapore Corporate Gifts for November 2019 – Are you a purchasing manager looking for new ideas for Singapore Corporate Gifts for the festive periods? This is the period to be jolly and also to share and work with people from all walks of life because it is the season of giving. This is the point in life where you will want to give to those who have less or to those that you care.

Corporate gifts is the one thing that you could give to your own employees or customers so that they know that you care for them and want to thank them for the things that you have and for the things that you appreciate about them.

There are many new items that have come to the market for the month of November 2019 and we are planning to share some of this items and also ideas on how to print on them and share with you what are some of the best ways to share them with the rest of the world during this period of festivities and fun.

Global Asia Printings is a leading corporate gift printing company and we work closely with our corporate partners to provide them with ideas and also high quality products that you can trust and enjoy together with your customers that will definitely appreciate the items that you have in mind for them. We also work and consult you on what is best for what types of purposes based on your budget and this is one of the important reasons

450ml Square Frosted Water Bottle – BPA Free (LS0093)




The frosted water bottle is probably one of the most versatile items that you can have for your daily needs. You could use it for your outdoor group gatherings and this is also one of the coolest items to have. Most people have them transparent, yours is translucent and have a nice design. And this is also one of the most durable products that you can have and nicely done up for the use of your corporate or exercising needs.


Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Earbuds (GE0066)



Everyone loves a cool and nice year piece that are easy to use and easy to bring around. The wireless earbuds are a nice and cool product to have and coming from one of the reputable Chinese Brands of Xiaomi will mean that the quality of this product is to be able to match some of the great brands.

The nice design and good price definitely is one of the best competitive advantages of getting this product for your customers and internal staff.


Ashlea Travel Organiser Pouch (B0063)



The Travel Organizer pouch is useful for people who like to travel around the world and see the world with a nice item to pack all your things in. The travel organizer pouch is one of the most versatile and fun things to have and it is also nice to print on this items so that your customers or employee can spread the brand name when they are moving around.


New Singapore Corporate Gifts for November 2019