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    Introducing the Promotional Gifts Printing & Supplies in Singapore

    Introducing the Promotional Gifts Printing & Supplies in Singapore – Are you a business owner or running an event and will be in need of promotional gifts for your customers or guest that will be arriving for your events. Promo Gifts in Singapore are a very important part to most businesses. This gift items are usually very commonly used for outdoor events where you may have a lot of guest either invited by your team and your business friends or you will be seeing a large number of walk-ins for your event.

    The good thing about having nice and well thought out promotional gifts in Singapore is the fact that people will have something to bring home and when they have something to bring home you know that you have very happy guest. Happy guest also means that they will remember your business and want to work with you closely for the long term. Promotional gift items are great for financial adviser teams that are doing road shows, this is a great thing because you will be able to pass them something with your name card and also with a small gift for them to remember your branding for. The next common ones are those companies that want to reach mass market consumers, electricity companies in Singapore right now are trying to reach consumers so that they can convert their electricity bills. So a small little item for those who are potential customers or even for those who have recently signed up will go a long way in bringing about branding value.

    So what are some of the items that we will like to share in this article of Introducing the Promotional Gifts Printing & Supplies in Singapore.

    Customised PVC Card (PR0029)


    The Customized PVC Card is one of the best items for identification. You can pair it with a lanyard and this item will be great to identify who is on your team and who is not!

    The PVC customized card is easy to print on and is one of the most common items for those who need to have a team of people going around and to have this for identification purposes.

    Laminated Paper Bag (PR0035)


    The beautiful paper bag, printing can be done on this bags for those businesses that require giving bags to their customers when they purchase items. Customers who want to give gifts that will need a bag as a carrier will usually print this paper bags with us too.



    Keychain LED Torchlight (PR0032)


    The Keychain LED Torchlight is a useful item to carry on your bags so that you can use it during emergencies. This is a very handy item that no one usually pays attention to until you need to use it.

    The LED Torchlight is a very useful item and also an affordable one for most businesses to use for gift items when they need to have some items for those that they care for.

    The batteries do not come together.


    Silicone Wristband (PR0011)


    Best way for identification purposes when you are at a camp or an event. This item is cheap and easy to understand and easy to wear. The silicone wristband is also a fun item that you can keep for the long term when your event is over.

    This means that you will be able to gain


    Stressball (PR0001)


    Stress balls are great items for a small gift at an event where you might have children. Children love little items that they can play with and also for parents this is also a good thing when your child has access to small little gift items so you don’t need to be the one giving it to them.


    Get your promotional items in Singapore printed at Global Asia Printings today and work closely with us to deliver the highest quality promo items in Singapore today.

    We look forward to working with you and printing with us!.


    Introducing the Promotional Gifts Printing & Supplies in Singapore

  • Singapore Promotional Gifts of Choice

    Singapore Promotional Gifts of Choice

    Singapore Promotional Gifts of ChoicePromotional Gift items are a very interesting group of corporate gifts. If you have an event or you are running a program and you want to give the guest or the people who are going to be around the area to have something to remember the event for. You can choose to print this items that will help you to improve your branding needs and you will also be able to use this items to make sure you stand out in the whole group of event organizers.

    Promo items are one of the fun things that you can plan for and create for your group of potential customers and this are some of the suggestions the team at Global Asia Printings have for you so that you can consider creating for your events. We will like to suggest them to you today and we can assist you with the process of sourcing and also with the process of designing and printing them with you.


    Singapore Promotional Gifts of Choice 1 – Acrylic Magnetic Photo frameDSC_0150


    The Acrylic Magnetic Photo Frame is one of the interesting item that you can give to your customers, one of the best promotion gifts that will be great for people to have if at an event you guys have a photo booth in place. Photo booths are a great thing for most business to have because you will allow them to keep photos of the event that they attended and keep a good happy memory that they can keep for a long time.

    The photo frame is one of the cool items that you can deliver the photos to them in. This is also a way where you can keep your branding on the item and this will make the whole event an interesting one.

    There are many designs that you can go for and the color choices you can go for as well. This is a good promotional gift idea that we will strongly like to recommend.


    Singapore Promotional Gifts of Choice 2- Balloon Clappers PR0019_2.jpg

    Nothing brings more joy to an event than balloon clappers. You could choose to have a branding design on it or your corporate colors. Dinner or a sports event is the best for such an item. Balloon clappers remind you of a very large scale event for example the National Day Parade. This item is a very popular item that is included in the package for such events because they have a good impact on the event. Loud sounds and good visibility is one of the few reasons why this item is a very popular one.

    Balloon clappers are also very cheap items that you can get in bulk for your event. With the printing of this item , you can have it branded for a big event where you might have a big number of people turning up. This is one of the best items you can work with to have a good effect. The color choices are also quite a number where you can work on getting it to look great for any occasions.

    This is one of the best promo items that we will like you to enjoy with and also to show case your business printing needs with.

    Singapore Promotional Gifts of Choice 3 – Customized PVC Card


    Customized PVC Cards can be used for many purposes. Identity cards is one of the them. This cards can be used as access cards for your company members to access into a door or into a gantry. This is one of the most common use of such items. Promotional items or promotional gifts that can be used for other purposes such as for the people who have attended an event to be able to become a member of a special group of people will be nice too.


    Singapore Promotional Gifts of Choice 4 – Button Pin Badge


    Button pins are the nicest things to have when you have an event or an occasion where you will be outreaching to students or young people. Children will always love to have little pins where they can wear to walk around a place. This is something that companies can take advantage of. When they are at an event that will target children as the main group of people who they might be trying to reach or trying to reach the parents of this children. Pins are nice and easy to use and design. It is also not a very costly items to prepare for and this is also something that most people will be willing to keep for the longer term.


    Singapore Promotional Gifts of Choice 5 – Commemorative Coins



    Commemorative coins are useful for gift items as a way to let people know that you appreciate them. This items are common for long term service awards for staff members who have worked many years with you and are an asset to your company. Many people will appreciate such interesting items that may have their names on it or a good long term services award wordings on it. Such items are very commonly used in the armed forces in Singapore where they will provide the soldiers who have served for a number of years a good gift to show that you have been of service to the nation for a good number of years.

    This is a nice and very thoughtful promotional gift item that many people will enjoy and would love to receive.


    Singapore Promotional Gifts of Choice 6 – Customized Box


    Customized boxes to keep your promotional items is one of the cool ways to give them to your guest. This is one of the best ways to prepare for an event when you have an event that will have important guest, you should get this items printed and done with a good gift item hidden inside.

    There are many ways that you can work this out and there are many ways that you can design this for the best group of participants.

    Singapore Promotional Gifts of Choice 7 – Customized PVC Card Sleeve

    Similar to the PVC Card that we discussed above, the PVC card sleeve can be a nice gift item especially if it is to store your precious cards that you have received from someone else. Certain designs will fade and you will need to have them well protected in a nice plastic sleeve. This sleeve can have very nice designs that you can work on and will be able to give your branding a good push if you want to give everyone something to remember your products for.

    Cheap and easy to use, the PVC Card sleeve is a good choice for your business needs.

    Global Asia Printings is a Singapore based promotional gift printing company. If you require help in this aspect, we will be keen to work with you on delivering this high quality products for your event or business needs.


    Singapore Promotional Gifts of Choice