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  • Global Asia Printings is open for orders

    Global Asia Printings is open for orders – Dear all customers and friends of Global Asia Printings, we hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy and with this Covid-19 pandemic likely to stay with us for quite awhile. To be able to pull through this tough period.

    Global Asia Printings received general exemption to still sell face mask to corporate and individual and we are still allowed to have some operation within the office to settle the distribution of this items.

    With this, we will like to share to everyone that our company is still available if you require, to take in orders for corporate gifts printing, T-Shirt Printing and Lanyard Printing needs for your upcoming events or your T-Shirts for your CCA or class.

    We have supplies of 3 ply earloop face mask in Singapore. For those who need regular supply, you can also speak to us to pre order this with us as we aim to lower the average price of mask that our customers are getting. Mask is currently in very high demand and this has also caused prices to be high across the board unnecessarily.

    We are also able to assist you if you require face mask for personal use or if you need it for your corporate needs.

    Corporate businesses can get bulk discounts, speak to us if you need a higher quantity of mask.

    We are open for the circuit breaker period but do note that we are not allowed to have any walk ins and delivery of mask is done through delivery persons only!

    We are also open through payments by cheque or through paynow and transfer.

    Expect delivery slowdowns as manufacturers may not be open. We will also have to delay some orders as overseas supplies are slow in recovering from their respective lockdowns.

    We apologize for the inconvenience as we keep to the circuit breaker rules and we wish everyone good health, keep safe and keep healthy!

    Global Asia Printings is a Singapore business gift printing company.

    We assist our customers with quality premium gift printing needs. We also do all forms of T-Shirt Printing Services and Lanyard Printing Services for our corporate and individual customers that believe in the delivery of high quality service and products.

    Global Asia Printings is open for orders

  • T-Shirt Printing for your business

    T-Shirt Printing for your business

    T-Shirt Printing for your business – Are you a company trying to set up an identity for the company staff members. As a company grows and become more established in the market, everyone will want to start building a brand around their company. Branding can be a long process but it is also a time where you build the loyalty of the staff members and also for people to recognize you and your staff members as part of a bigger group.

    T-Shirt Printing for your businessThis is one thing that we can do that is to use T-Shirt Printing to help you to achieve that effect. T-Shirt printing services allow you to use a color or a logo to set everyone into a team effect. When they don the attire of the company, you know that they will respect the brand and also work hard for the brand.

    For example, an Apple staff member will learn to behave well in public because they know they are wearing the company shirt. They will learn that their actions will affect the brand of the company and will watch their actions when out. When you have a big pool of staff members who are walking along the streets and going somewhere to get something done, you also know that

    T-Shirt Printing is also a cheap way to get the bonding going. There is something about a uniform look when you guys are at work, when you guys are at play. This is one of the few things that will help you look strong as a team and this is something common in school and as part of a sports team.

    The good thing about this is that the printing of shirts can be quite a cheap venture that you can try without having to spend too much to build the things that matter to you. There are ways to cut cost when you want to get a team with the right material and color and design. This makes for a good quality of workmanship and also stands out for people to know about you guys.

    There are many good materials that you can choose from, either cotton which is a common and cheap material for your needs. If you team needs to be outdoors or will be more active, you could choose the option of printing a dri fit material that will allow everyone to feel comfortable.

    Businesses should explore using more of their resources to make sure there is a good branding needs and at the same time be able to give a good material for their staff members to feel comfortable when they are in their company colors.

    Global Asia Printings is a t-shirt printing and corporate gift printing company. If you are keen to work on getting this done for your business, you can contact us. We will be keen to work with your business to discuss how we can design something special for you and your business for long term business success.

    T-Shirt Printing for your business

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    How Corporate gifts can help you build rapport with your customers

    How Corporate gifts can help you build rapport with your customers – Sales and marketing is a tough part when it comes to getting business. There are many important steps you need to take to make sure that your business is able to take off and the core of it is to have more sales and more closures so that you are able to get more money and revenue coming into your business. Marketing is core to achieving this because marketing will make sure you are able to reach more potential customers and you will be able to make the sale when this marketing efforts work for you.

    Marketing is important for a business to grow but so is re-marketing. Re-marketing is a way where you will be able to reach out to your previous customers and try to sell them something again. This is not just one of the cheapest ways of doing marketing as compared to trying to attract someone new, you can also use this methods to make sure that they will also choose you as the choice vendor that you want to reach out to.

    So how does corporate gifts play this role of re-marketing to your customers. When customers meet you and come to your event, the best way to build good will is to give them some gifts. Everyone loves presents and when the presents are useful and something that they enjoy, they will definitely use it for their own personal time or place it in their offices. What makes things great for you is when you are able to have something on the table of the CEO or the key personnel in a company, they are able to remember your branding and also the goodwill you have with them and they will come back to you again when they need that certain vendor to help with the works that you need help with.

    For example if you are a contractor that they work with closely, if you are someone who always delivers gifts, this person will be remembered as the prime person to work with for said services and works and this will in turn generate long term revenue for you.

    Getting a new customer is a tough thing and getting your customers to continuously work with you is better off than finding a new person to work with you on it. This is something that many people know but not everyone can practice and do it well.

    Building long term rapport with customers is always the way to go and there are many ways that you can use a nice electronic gift or a travel item to help them remember and recall you brand and build the strong brand awareness with your customers and new customers.

    Global Asia Printings is a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore and works closely with customers to provide high quality corporate gifts for their business needs.

    Our sales executive will be keen to work with you on delivering this work for you and your team.


    How Corporate gifts can help you build rapport with your customers

  • Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore

    Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore

    Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore – When it comes to gift purchasing, the purchasers in Singapore are spoilt for choice.

    In such a small economy of 5 million people, Singapore is one of the most active economies with high levels of competition from players big and small. Global Asia Printings is also competing with a high volume of competitors for this unique market.

    With such competition, there are so many choices for customers and purchasers to choose from, some compete on convenience, some compete on price, some compete on delivering timing.

    Global Asia Printings has been in this business for many years and across the years understood the importance of a few things that will differentiate the choice of corporate gift printing vendors for our customers.

    Here are some of the things we will like to share with our prospective customers on why you should choose GAPS as your gift marketplace of choice.


    1. Service

    Good services is a given in a competitive gift marketplace, but what is good service? How do you define good service?

    We all understand that there are no perfections, some customers might have a view on how their products or shirts should turn out.

    But what is possible might be another story. Salespersons from time to time like to promise things and designs that are not possible to do and will end up disappointing the clients when they see the results not being what they would expect.

    Good service is not just being there on time and just delivering on time.

    Most people can do that and with production mostly based in Singapore, most vendors do achieve that.

    At GAPS the preferred Gift Marketplace in Singapore, we believe in advising what is possible or not possible and whether something can be done within the clients budget.

    We clear things up before the process has started to prevent misunderstandings and ensure customers get what they expect and not be shocked a few days before their deliver of the product to their customers.

    Service is also making sure samples are created so that customers know what they can expect when they receive the final delivery of the item.

    This is the first reason of “Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore”.


    2. Truthfulness

    If we tell you most of the products that we list are not from China, we are lying.

    China is the biggest export gift market place in the world and we all know this fact. Most of the electronic and small items ranging from bags to carriers come from China. Most vendors in Singapore source from China and this is the fact of the industry.

    The question about this is that we are truthful of the source of the products. When it comes to premium products that require sourcing, we do carry out bespoke sourcing of corporate gifts and that will be discussed under point 4.

    The fact is, we cannot avoid or escape that fact that China is the factory of the world and most products that we hold on stock in our warehouse do come from China.

    We are truthful to our customers because we know they demand such standards from us!

    This is the second reason on “Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore”.

    3. Quality Products

    Our customers are mostly MNCs or Government agencies who demand high quality products.

    Our factories that produce such products are chosen after a rigorous ground work and also working closely with various suppliers to ensure that we get the highest quality products for the budget that you give us. We do not save on cost just to give you your product.

    We make sure you will enjoy the product and so does the customers that you will to give your corporate gifts to.

    Global Asia Printings as a gift market place will make sure our factories consistently provide us with high quality goods. On a regular basis review our vendors and remove those that have disappointed us. Because we know our customers demand that we provide quality products that they can trust us for.

    As a trust of quality, you could inspect our products before confirming order and we will be glad to assist you if you have any difficulties.

    This is the third reason of “Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore”.


    4. Bespoke Sourcing

    Want something unique that you saw someone else have? Or you think you have an idea and want something out of this world.

    We do not promise you the sky but we do enjoy challenges sometimes.

    Global Asia Printings do work with clients that have certain budgets to do bespoke sourcing and printing of corporate gifts that will really help them to stand out from the crowd.

    Bespoke Gift Marketplaces are rare to come by but we do know certain vendors and factories that make really special items that you do not get on a regular basis.

    And due to the high volume of products we import, we do have ways of bringing such products to us in a fast and budget-friendly manner.

    We are happy to search high and low for our premium customers who demand high quality bespoke sourcing.

    Do give us more lead time when it comes to bespoke sourcing as it could take some time to get the product you truly desire.

    And this is the last reason we will like to quote on “Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore”.




    Global Asia Printings aspires to be the leading gift market place for customers in Singapore and the region and we will always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

    We look forward to working with new customers and serving old ones even better. Contact us for a quote on what you think will help you improve your branding, strengthen your relationship with your customers and grow your business. Your business is also our business, we are here for you.

    Global Asia Printings. Your trusted and preferred Gift Marketplace in Singapore.



    Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore

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    Top Gift Choices for the Month of November 2018

    Top Gift Choices for the Month of November 2018 – Choosing the type of corporate gift can be a tough process, we at Global Asia Printings will like to make 5 suggestions for your November corporate gift shopping to make it easier for you to consider the choices and also to make sure you are able to make a good decision in buying the best items for your customers or your employees.



    1. Crystal Qi Wireless Charger –

    Crystal Qi Wireless Charger

    With the inclusion of high-tech phones with the capabilities of wireless charging, the Crystal Qi Wireless Charger has become one of the popular items that most of our guest love and enjoy. It is not only practical for the new age man, it is also cost effective. The product is high quality and can last for a good long period of time.

    The nice design and slick look makes it the best choice for this November 2018 Season, take a look and make your enquiry on this product today!


    2. Balmain Pen and Wallet Gift Set –

    Balmain Pen and Wallet Gift SetWhen practicality meets beauty. The Balmain Pen and Wallet Gift Set is not just one of the best budget wise gift to give to your high value customers, it is also one the most useful items.

    The price is reasonable and at the same time the product is beautiful and you will enjoy it as much as your customers or guest receiving this beautiful product.

    The product comes with a matching product and nice box to make it a great gift.


    3. Mini Capsule Umbrella –

    Mini Capsule Umbrella

    Practical and Fun Size. The Mini Capsule Umbrella is a small and usable product that is able to fit into bags easily and help shelter you from rain when you need it.

    Comes in multiple colours and shapes, you will enjoy the use of it when you need something to shelter you.

    Print your logo on the outside to show the world who is sheltering you today!

    4. Tube Wine Opener –


    Tube Wine Opener


    The Festive periods are coming, when else will you consume more wine than the Festive Christmas period. This makes the Wine Opener a very practical and useful tool for your guest and also your staff members. Design it with your logo engraved into its metal body and make sure your guest will remember you when they are enjoying their festivities.

    Wine openers are very practical and useful tools that most people will definitely enjoy and use on multiple occasions.


    5. Anti Theft Bag –

    Anti Theft Bag

    Festive seasons are also the periods when people go overseas for their travels. The worse that can happen is when you get robbed on your travels. The anti theft bag is one of the most practical gifts for those who love to travel and see the world during this holiday season.

    Useful and looks good, your brand name can be on travel with your guest to any corner of the world and back and be featured even in photos! When they realize that your anti theft bag has saved their valuables from being stolen, it will be even more useful.




    Global Asia Printings works closely with many multi national companies and Singapore SMEs to provide high quality products that will bound to excite any guest or employee. You just let us know what the occasion is and your budget, we will give you great suggestions that can help you stand out and differentiate yourself.


    Top Gift Choices for the Month of November 2018

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    How to decide the type of Corporate Gift to get for your clients

    How to decide the type of Corporate Gift to get for your clients

    Corporate Gifts are a great way to thank you customers when they give you business and also a great way to stay in touch and keep in contact with them. Top customers are the ones that will keep coming back to you for repeat purchases and this are the best customers that will deliver the best quality of goods.

    As a corporate gift supplier, GAPS is keen on assisting our customers in finding out what is the best way to choose the best corporate gift items for your customers, so for our customers who are looking to purchase items, here are some of the tips we have brought together for you to make a better decision for your business purchases.

    1. Know your budget

      Most business owners know that they want to do something for their clients and want to print something for them and also for you to be able to do it for the limited budget you have. If you have unlimited budget this would be easy but most of the time finance will tell you this is the max you can spend. Over the number of clients to gift to you will only have a limited pool of cash for your customers.With this in mind, you will need to budget out how best to get to the clients with the limited amount of money you have per head.When you can provide budget figures for us to quote, we will be able to give you the best ideas that will best fit your needs.For those with lower budgets for your corporate gift needs, you can find more options from our Affordable Corporate Gift Section.

    2. Know what your customer will like

      Sometimes specific customers with specific needs can be easily identified. For those customers with a nice office, you could gift stationery or cups that they will use when they are in the office. They will be placed on the desk and when they start work they will be looking at the things you are gifting to them.When you customer is those that are out and about, you could gift them something practical like a portable charger for their cellphone devices. Printing your logo and saying that its with compliments might be a great way for you to gift to your customers items that will be highly useful for them.Knowing what they like will ensure you gift something useful and nice for them to be grateful for you for.

    3. Know what are your objectives

      Are you planning to make sure your customer get see your brand and your name everyday? Or is it just to thank them for helping you out with a project, or maybe its to make sure that their customers too will see your brand.The objective is important if you want to make sure you are able to deliver the best impact for the amount of money you plan to spend on such a project.When you have this in mind, the choice of what to get for your customer and also the budget to set aside will be easier to come to mind. This ensures you are able to achieve the most with the least.

    4. Know your lead time requirements

      Do you need it in a few days, or do you need the item in a few weeks. The lead time can make a big difference in terms of price and it can also make a big difference in terms of delivery quality.With more time, there can be more QC work done and this means higher quality work, you will also be able to get things for cheaper because there is no rush for import or for printing or delivery.

    Global Asia Printings is happy to assist you in your corporate gift printing needs. Contact us now to find out more!

    How to decide the type of Corporate Gift to get for your clients