Introducing the Gift Box and Packaging needs for Singapore

Introducing the Gift Box and Packaging needs for Singapore – Are you someone who needs Gift box and packaging for your corporate and personal needs in Singapore. Most businesses big or small will need nice little gift box and packaging for their products.

We all know that the thing that really differentiates a product is the packaging and also the marketing that comes with it. A nicely packaged product can command a way higher price than one that is not placed in a nice box or have a nice finishing.

We are glad that Global Asia Printings, Singapore’s leading premium gift supplier is currently bringing in some unique products that will sure to impress and also wish to bring in new clients that will need our services when you need to have nice packaging and also gift box for your needs in Singapore and overseas.

We will now introduce some of our unique gift box packaging supplies

Paper Pen Box (LS0095)



The classic paper box for your pen or for your small product. This is one of the nicest items you can have for packaging needs and you can also have this item printed with your logo and your name if you want to customize this for someone, you can add your customers or friends name on the item itself.

You will never see one paper pen box that is not unique or cool.


Tin Gift Box (LS0094)



The classic tin gift box is also one of the unique items that we love to have and also love to use for packaging needs in Singapore. Having small items in there and you can also design the tin boxes to look great together with your product. The brand name on the tin and also an extra packaging is one of the few ways to make your product look great with it.

Global Asia Printing is the leading gift supplier in Singapore. If you are in need of cap printing services or printing of lanyard you can also speak to us so that we can assist you with your requirements and help with your Singapore business gift printing needs.

We are currently still operational but we might not be able to make quick delivery with the country still under circuit breaker measures. But we wish to work closely with you so that once the circuit breaker measures are lifted we will be able to deliver the requirements that you have for your business gifting needs.


Introducing the Gift Box and Packaging needs for Singapore