A look at the luxury & premium corporate gifts offered by Global Asia Printings

Do you have clients who are of a higher value quantum in terms of revenue and importance?

There are times when this clients are actually very high in value and you will really want to take good care of them and also buy them nice customized gifts that can be customized with their names from the top to the bottom from the carrier to the individual items that we can assist you with.

The top items that are high end and high quality are those that are versatile and useful for even the most important of customers.

At Global Asia Printings, we know how important this customers are to you and they are the same to us. So we will like to make a few suggestions on the top luxury and premium corporate gift items that we can share with you for your business needs.

1. Anti Theft Backpack 

anti theft bag

Good priced and very useful, especially for those who travel a lot. Traveling is not very safe nowadays with most places having quite a high criminal rate especially petty crimes like robbery and theft. The anti theft bag is useful for those who want to keep some valuable items in your bag without having to worry all the time about whether there will be people who are trying to get to your products in the bag.

The pricing of this item is also highly competitive. We could also embroider your name on the product so that it becomes exclusive.


2. Ball Point Pen Wallet Gift set


Balmain Pen and Wallet Gift Set

Something different, something out of the ordinary.

Classy and beautiful. Yet at the same time useful. Choose this item to set yourself apart of the rest.

Global Asia Printings is ready to assist you in finding the perfect luxury and premium corporate gift in Singapore. Contact us now!


A look at the luxury & premium corporate gifts offered by Global Asia Printings