A look at the luxury & premium corporate gifts offered by Global Asia Printings

Do you have clients who are of a higher value quantum in terms of revenue and importance?

There are times when this clients are actually very high in value and you will really want to take good care of them and also buy them nice customized gifts that can be customized with their names from the top to the bottom from the carrier to the individual items that we can assist you with.

The top items that are high end and high quality are those that are versatile and useful for even the most important of customers.

At Global Asia Printings, we know how important this customers are to you and they are the same to us. So we will like to make a few suggestions on the top luxury and premium corporate gift items that we can share with you for your business needs.

Luxury & Premium Corporate Gifts Idea 1 – Anti Theft Backpack 

anti theft bag

Good priced and very useful, especially for those who travel a lot. Traveling is not very safe nowadays with most places having quite a high criminal rate especially petty crimes like robbery and theft. The anti theft bag is useful for those who want to keep some valuable items in your bag without having to worry all the time about whether there will be people who are trying to get to your products in the bag.

The pricing of this item is also highly competitive. We could also embroider your name on the product so that it becomes exclusive.


Luxury & Premium Corporate Gifts Idea 2 – Ball Point Pen Wallet Gift set

Balmain Pen and Wallet Gift Set

The Ball point pen and wallet gift set is a nice item that you can give to your important executive level clients who will appreciate something high quality and something that will make a good impression on them. The price for this item is not low so we will recommend it mainly for the C-Suite level gifts that you will need if you’re engaging with the owners and the executive level items.

Luxury & Premium Corporate Gifts Idea 3 – Dock Wireless EarphonesGE0048

Wireless Earphones are very popular now with the advent of Air pods released by Apple. This is a very good item that you can gift to youths who are interested to have such items for lifestyle needs. Lifestyle items of wireless earphones are great for anyone who enjoys music.

High quality sound, you can expect the person receiving this item to be happy with the luxury & premium corporate gifts. This item is also very practical and it will be used by anyone who wants to have a good quality sound item that you can carry around.

Luxury & Premium Corporate Gifts Idea 4 – Baseus Mini Vacuum Cleaner


Mini vacuum cleaners are useful for executive level personnels with cars. This item is a great help for anyone who knows that maintaining the interior of a car is a tough thing. When you have small items or you have food in the car interior it can be really hard to clean it up. And you do not really have the time to head down to a car wash to get it vacuumed by someone professional.

Gifting this to someone who is always on the go, they will be thankful for having this handy item with them and will be thankful to you for being so thoughtful to gift it. Useful and also very easy to use, this is one of the best premium gifts that you can give to someone who owns a car and will use it for all purposes to keep the interior of their car clean and tidy.


Luxury & Premium Corporate Gifts Idea 5 – Executive Jacket

Executives have a very common thing that they have to do, attend a lot of meetings. When you are a key executive of a company, you will end up having to travel around the country to go into meetings and making decisions. You will also have to endure long hours in a meeting that may have its air conditioning at a cold temperature that makes it hard for you to concentrate.

Here comes the executive jacket which is a great executive corporate gift for your C-Suite or Executive level gift idea. You can have the company logo on it and you can have it worn to show case your company to the world when you are going for meetings and you will also be able to work with those people who are able to enjoy the good of such items and how useful they can be.

Luxury & Premium Corporate Gifts Idea 6 – Lux Bluetooth Headphones


Bluetooth headphones are useful for the busy city dweller who enjoys good music. High quality sound is something that most adults demand nowadays. This is a great executive corporate gift idea when it is best used by those who enjoy such items.

Bluetooth headphones are also a very appreciated item that are not only special and looks good and expensive , at the same time will be useful for someone who loves to listen to music and travel around the country.

Luxury & Premium Corporate Gifts Idea 7 – Universal Travel Adaptor


Most executive level personnel will have the need to really travel around the world quite a bit to meet with people and having to do business and close deals. Travel adaptors are a great gift for this group of people as a Executive Corporate gift.

Corporate Gifts for the busy traveling executive should be thoughtful and it will also help them to recognize that you have a thoughtful organization that puts the customer in the first place. This helps your gifting idea to go a long way.


Something different, something out of the ordinary.

Classy and beautiful. Yet at the same time useful. Choose this item to set yourself apart of the rest.

Luxury & Premium Corporate Gifts are the way forward for the executive who knows how to appreciate the finest things.

Global Asia Printings is ready to assist you in finding the perfect luxury and premium corporate gift in Singapore. Contact us now!


A look at the luxury & premium corporate gifts offered by Global Asia Printings