Top Gift Choices for the Month of November 2018

Top Gift Choices for the Month of November 2018 – Choosing the type of corporate gift can be a tough process, we at Global Asia Printings will like to make 5 suggestions for your November corporate gift shopping to make it easier for you to consider the choices and also to make sure you are able to make a good decision in buying the best items for your customers or your employees.



1. Crystal Qi Wireless Charger –

Crystal Qi Wireless Charger

With the inclusion of high-tech phones with the capabilities of wireless charging, the Crystal Qi Wireless Charger has become one of the popular items that most of our guest love and enjoy. It is not only practical for the new age man, it is also cost effective. The product is high quality and can last for a good long period of time.

The nice design and slick look makes it the best choice for this November 2018 Season, take a look and make your enquiry on this product today!


2. Balmain Pen and Wallet Gift Set –

Balmain Pen and Wallet Gift SetWhen practicality meets beauty. The Balmain Pen and Wallet Gift Set is not just one of the best budget wise gift to give to your high value customers, it is also one the most useful items.

The price is reasonable and at the same time the product is beautiful and you will enjoy it as much as your customers or guest receiving this beautiful product.

The product comes with a matching product and nice box to make it a great gift.


3. Mini Capsule Umbrella –

Mini Capsule Umbrella

Practical and Fun Size. The Mini Capsule Umbrella is a small and usable product that is able to fit into bags easily and help shelter you from rain when you need it.

Comes in multiple colours and shapes, you will enjoy the use of it when you need something to shelter you.

Print your logo on the outside to show the world who is sheltering you today!

4. Tube Wine Opener –


Tube Wine Opener


The Festive periods are coming, when else will you consume more wine than the Festive Christmas period. This makes the Wine Opener a very practical and useful tool for your guest and also your staff members. Design it with your logo engraved into its metal body and make sure your guest will remember you when they are enjoying their festivities.

Wine openers are very practical and useful tools that most people will definitely enjoy and use on multiple occasions.


5. Anti Theft Bag –

Anti Theft Bag

Festive seasons are also the periods when people go overseas for their travels. The worse that can happen is when you get robbed on your travels. The anti theft bag is one of the most practical gifts for those who love to travel and see the world during this holiday season.

Useful and looks good, your brand name can be on travel with your guest to any corner of the world and back and be featured even in photos! When they realize that your anti theft bag has saved their valuables from being stolen, it will be even more useful.




Global Asia Printings works closely with many multi national companies and Singapore SMEs to provide high quality products that will bound to excite any guest or employee. You just let us know what the occasion is and your budget, we will give you great suggestions that can help you stand out and differentiate yourself.


Top Gift Choices for the Month of November 2018