Introducing Top Choice Travel Accessories for Singapore Clients

Introducing Top Choice Travel Accessories for Singapore Clients – Its the holiday seasons soon! For most Singaporeans, the December holidays is the best time for hardworking people to go for a well deserved holiday to the winter countries of the north to run away from the permanent heat and rain of Singapore. Travel accessories are essential and are highly used because most of them will either make sure your trip is comfortable and fun or it has very practical usages such as charging or electrical conversions.

The December holidays is also a great rest period for most businesses that have worked hard and hit their year targets. For the end of year season, Global Asia Printings will like to strongly recommend our Travel Accessories Series of products to our current and prospective clients and explain why we think this products are great for your personal or your clients use.



1. Memory Neck Pillow

Memory Neck Pillow

When you take a long flight or a long train ride, the worse feeling you can get is to have a stiff neck when you arrive at your destination and was suppose to be ready for a great adventure. Long distance travel and therefore long travel timings means you will inevitably take a short nap on the transportation device you are on. With not much support from economy or 2nd class seats, most people end up having their necks hanging on either sides and after long hours it translates to a bad strain and pain afterwards.

Show your customers you care by printing your logo on a comfortable and soft neck support pillow for their travel needs.

Let them identify that you care about them even when they are traveling and this will translate to longer term brand loyalty and brand recognition.

2. Mini First Aid Kit 
Mini First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must in any kinds of situation, whether it is in an office or when you are traveling. When you have a first aid kit at hand, you can do this everyone will be glad that you have such items at hand when you need them.

You could print your logo on top and have them see it when you need them.

The most important option of all is to have the item small and easy to use so that customers can bring them around in their travel packs and use it when they need to.


3. Worldwide Travel Adaptop with 2 USB Hub and Case

Universal Travel Adaptor

We all know that we need travel adaptors but the most amazing thing that happens is that when you want to travel, somehow you wont be able to find them when you need them.

The travel adaptor has become one of the most important items to have when you travel and need to use it to charge any of your items along the way.

Print your logo on this item to keep your customers recharged.


Global Asia Printings is the top choice for most businesses looking for Travel Accessories as corporate gifts for their clients. We have a wide range of selection and choices and are able to consult and provide printing needs for you and your team. Let us know how we can help you stand out and make corporate gifting easy for you and your team. Travel Accessories in Singapore.


Introducing Top Choice Travel Accessories for Singapore Clients