Essential items for Covid-19 Prevention

Essential items for Covid-19 Prevention – Covid 19 is said to be with us for a long time and if this is to be true, we will need to make sure that we are well protected, there are some items that Global Asia Printings are having in stock that may be helpful for you to protect yourself and your family.

Use it for corporate gifting purposes or you could also be doing it for your employee and team mates.

There are a few products that we will like to share about and here are some of the top favourites we have in our products arsenal.

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Face Shield

Face Shield (ME0004)

The Face Shield is an effective equipment for you to protect yourself from droplets that might be coming from people who are talking.

Useful item for front liners doing work in F&B roles or retail

Surgical Face Mask 

Disposable 3 Ply Ear Loop Face Mask – Adult (ME0001)

The Surgical Face mask is definitely one of the top favourites. It helps to trap any particulates that will be expelled and also to block off some of those vapors that you are taking into your body when you breathe. Surgical face mask are very useful and we are able to hold on to quite some stock for the people who will need this product like some of our customers.

UV Sterilizer Box

UV Sterilizer Box (GE0089)

One of the other useful item for your home use. You can use it to kill of bacteria on your mask, on your phone, your watch or even your wallet.

Useful for it to be in the office or at home in a location that is available for use anytime you wish to disinfect something that you might have contaminated.

This product is easy to use and cheap and convenient, we will strongly recommend it!

Reusable Face Mask

Reusable Cotton Face Mask – 4 Layers (ME0002)

Something that the government have recently issued. This cotton face mask is more comfortable and comes with filtering additions so that you can filter of bacteria and also other harmful particulates.

We can also print your name on the mask so that you can identify who owns it and also it is a nice fashion statement!

If you are keen to get some customized you can speak to us.

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Essential items for Covid-19 Prevention