Covid-19 Lockdown in Singapore and requirements for face mask

Covid-19 Lockdown in Singapore and requirements for face mask – Covid-19 has caused more than 1000 cases in Singapore and also caused more than 5 deaths up till today. Singapore is going through a tough period of time with the slowing economy and also the tough times where Small and Medium Enterprises are suffering so badly that most of them are going out of business or will go out of business in a few months time if there are no immediate support from the government.

The government as of yesterday has also announced that they will go through a circuit breaker arrangement where non-essential services will be stopped and all to work from home if possible. For those that are essential. All will have to have face mask on to ensure that they minimize the spread of the Covid-19 mask amongst persons in Singapore.

Mask being made mandatory also means that the demand for mask will be going up.

Global Asia Printings have started selling mask last week and have kept its prices low so that everyone can get access to them. We work with individuals to sell 1 or 2 boxes so that everyone is able to get the boxes at a more competitive price instead of those that charge $30 or $40 per box with huge mark ups.

Singapore 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask Earloop Supplier / Distributor / Wholesale


We hope that this Covid-19 pandemic will end soon and also that it will stop spreading amongst our fellow Singaporeans.

If you require the supply of 3 ply surgical face mask in Singapore, do let us know so we can assist you in this.

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Covid-19 Lockdown in Singapore and requirements for face mask