Best Custom Fridge Magnet Supplies & Printing in Singapore

Best Custom Fridge Magnet Supplies & Printing in Singapore – The Fridge magnet. Something that we all enjoy when we are young.

The magnet is a fascinating thing that seems to do magic for us when we were children.

When you will play around with two opposing poles and make it move around or you will end up attracting all the metal stuff in school.

The magnet plays a very special place in our hearts.

The Fridge Magnet in Singapore is a very useful Corporate Gift item that we can use for our own marketing works.

When you give an item that they can place on their fridge and it is a very outstanding item, they will definitely see it and look at it often.

So what are some of the Best Custom Fridge Magnet Supplies & Printing in Singapore options that we can go for.

So we shall share some of the options that we have here at Global Asia Printings.

We also have an extensive Magnet Supply in our page.

Choose us as your Singapore Fridge Magnet Supplier.


1. Neon Stripe Fridge Magnet

Neon Stripe Fridge Magnet


The Neon Stripe Fridge Magnet is a good choice to print your marketing material on.

It may be small but its great for a simple message or a logo that you will want to remind your customer about.

Print this little item for them to pin their items on and it becomes an useful item that will mean it stays on the fridge for an extended period.

Something that is useful will be a very successful corporate gift campaign. Definitely a good choice of Fridge Magnet Supplies from Singapore Fridge Magnet Supplier.

2. Promotional Fridge Magnet – Hard Type 

Promotional Fridge Magnet – Hard Type


The hard time promotional fridge magnet is the most interesting and useful.

Mostly used by services that will be useful in the house. For example, people doing electrician work.

For customers that are doing that are property agents, you can also use it to have them see your face everyday so that you can end up selling them a house!



3. Promotional Fridge Magnet – Bendable Type 

Promotional Fridge Magnet – Bendable Type

The bendable type is also a very popular form of magnet for your fridges in Singapore.

It can also be stuck on other surfaces that curve if you wish to have such an item.

Convenient and if you are a electricity supplier, you can consider this option.

This product done for Singapore Power is a good example.

As your quality Singapore fridge magnet supplier, we are definitely able to make sure you are satisfied with the products.

4. Customised Metallic Fridge Magnet Customised Metallic Fridge Magnet

The customized metallic magnet is also a popular option for the customers that wish to custom the color and shape of the item.

This is also one of the strengths at Global Asia Printings.

We are able to assist customers to get something special done for you.

Work with us to find yourself some of the best customized gifts in Singapore.

Cute and round things always works well. Best Singapore Fridge Magnet Distributor.

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Best Custom Fridge Magnet Supplies & Printing in Singapore