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    GAPS Corporate Gift Suggestion for Nov 2021

    GAPS Corporate Gift Suggestion for Nov 2021 – Singapore has been going through Covid-19 pandemic for awhile.

    Everyone is tired of this whole period and everyone is also tired of being stuck in Singapore.

    Singapore is going through a big change in social settings.

    With employees and customers going through all this, one good way is to gift some items to them.

    What are some of the popular items that we can propose and suggest to you:


    18cm Smooth Teddy Bear (LS0173)

    18cm Smooth Teddy Bear (LS0173)

    The smooth teddy bear is something that you can customize with your own brand name.

    A cute item that can be placed on the table of many people and this is something that many of your customers or employees will keep.


    Beam Apron (AW0108)

    Beam Apron (AW0108)

    Beam apron is something to be used by some of the bakeries that have to have people wearing them for hygiene.

    We have many colors that you can choose from to suit your brand and also why not print your logo on it to make it look good.

    This is something that is nice and easy to clean as well.


    Torchlight (PR0056)

    Torchlight (PR0056)

    The torchlight.

    Something that is very useful for the night and for certain jobs.

    This is also an item that is of high quality that will look like an expensive gift.

    We are able to help you find the really bright ones to make sure you gave something that is very useful.

    Being the brightness in the dark for some of your customers is what you want to convey and this can be done.


    2 Tone Sling Document Bag (B0135)

    2 Tone Sling Document Bag (B0135)

    2 Tone sling bag for your office usage is something that many business owners don’t realize is very useful.

    For those that use such bags, will be great for those that move around a lot with their laptops or their tablets.

    This is so useful because you can wear it around and bring along your electronics.

    Global Asia Printings is a Singapore Corporate Gift and T-Shirt Printing company.

    Contact us to get your corporate gift suggestions today!


    GAPS Corporate Gift Suggestion for Nov 2021