Care Pack – Basic (ME0005)

With the ongoing Covid19, we have come up with Care pack supplies with some essentials to keep you safe and healthy while we overcome this tough period.

Each care pack supplies package is inclusive of :

  1. T-shirt x 1 piece with A4 size, 1 Colour Printing
  2. Hand Sanitiser (50ml) x 1
  3. Redoxon Vitamin C + D (10 Tablets) x 1
  4. Face Shield x 1
  5. 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask x 5 pieces
  6. Reusable Cotton Face Mask (4 Layers) + PM2.5 Filter x 1 Set
  7. Wet Wipes (10 Sheets) x 1

All Care pack supplies package will be packed into a box and deliver individually to your team.

The MOQ will be 30 boxes of Singapore Care Packages Supplies, Price will be $42/Set Inclusive of 7% GST

All pictures are for illustration purposes, care packages supplies product image/item/colour may be different from actual product.

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