Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore

Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore – When it comes to gift purchasing, the purchasers in Singapore are spoilt for choice.

In such a small economy of 5 million people, Singapore is one of the most active economies with high levels of competition from players big and small. Global Asia Printings is also competing with a high volume of competitors for this unique market.

With such competition, there are so many choices for customers and purchasers to choose from, some compete on convenience, some compete on price, some compete on delivering timing.

Global Asia Printings has been in this business for many years and across the years understood the importance of a few things that will differentiate the choice of corporate gift printing vendors for our customers.

Here are some of the things we will like to share with our prospective customers on why you should choose GAPS as your gift marketplace of choice.


1. Service

Good services is a given in a competitive gift marketplace, but what is good service? How do you define good service?

We all understand that there are no perfections, some customers might have a view on how their products or shirts should turn out.

But what is possible might be another story. Salespersons from time to time like to promise things and designs that are not possible to do and will end up disappointing the clients when they see the results not being what they would expect.

Good service is not just being there on time and just delivering on time.

Most people can do that and with production mostly based in Singapore, most vendors do achieve that.

At GAPS the preferred Gift Marketplace in Singapore, we believe in advising what is possible or not possible and whether something can be done within the clients budget.

We clear things up before the process has started to prevent misunderstandings and ensure customers get what they expect and not be shocked a few days before their deliver of the product to their customers.

Service is also making sure samples are created so that customers know what they can expect when they receive the final delivery of the item.

This is the first reason of “Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore”.


2. Truthfulness

If we tell you most of the products that we list are not from China, we are lying.

China is the biggest export gift market place in the world and we all know this fact. Most of the electronic and small items ranging from bags to carriers come from China. Most vendors in Singapore source from China and this is the fact of the industry.

The question about this is that we are truthful of the source of the products. When it comes to premium products that require sourcing, we do carry out bespoke sourcing of corporate gifts and that will be discussed under point 4.

The fact is, we cannot avoid or escape that fact that China is the factory of the world and most products that we hold on stock in our warehouse do come from China.

We are truthful to our customers because we know they demand such standards from us!

This is the second reason on “Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore”.

3. Quality Products

Our customers are mostly MNCs or Government agencies who demand high quality products.

Our factories that produce such products are chosen after a rigorous ground work and also working closely with various suppliers to ensure that we get the highest quality products for the budget that you give us. We do not save on cost just to give you your product.

We make sure you will enjoy the product and so does the customers that you will to give your corporate gifts to.

Global Asia Printings as a gift market place will make sure our factories consistently provide us with high quality goods. On a regular basis review our vendors and remove those that have disappointed us. Because we know our customers demand that we provide quality products that they can trust us for.

As a trust of quality, you could inspect our products before confirming order and we will be glad to assist you if you have any difficulties.

This is the third reason of “Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore”.


4. Bespoke Sourcing

Want something unique that you saw someone else have? Or you think you have an idea and want something out of this world.

We do not promise you the sky but we do enjoy challenges sometimes.

Global Asia Printings do work with clients that have certain budgets to do bespoke sourcing and printing of corporate gifts that will really help them to stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke Gift Marketplaces are rare to come by but we do know certain vendors and factories that make really special items that you do not get on a regular basis.

And due to the high volume of products we import, we do have ways of bringing such products to us in a fast and budget-friendly manner.

We are happy to search high and low for our premium customers who demand high quality bespoke sourcing.

Do give us more lead time when it comes to bespoke sourcing as it could take some time to get the product you truly desire.

And this is the last reason we will like to quote on “Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore”.




Global Asia Printings aspires to be the leading gift market place for customers in Singapore and the region and we will always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

We look forward to working with new customers and serving old ones even better. Contact us for a quote on what you think will help you improve your branding, strengthen your relationship with your customers and grow your business. Your business is also our business, we are here for you.

Global Asia Printings. Your trusted and preferred Gift Marketplace in Singapore.



Why choose GAPS as your Gift Marketplace of Choice in Singapore