What to look out for when Printing T Shirts

What to look out for when printing t shirts

Are you looking to print t shirts for whatever the occasion is, there are many reasons why you should get a good t shirt printing company in Singapore to assist you with such an arrangement and we can discuss this topic in this blog post.

1. There are many materials that you can choose from

Printing the T-Shirt must be for the perfect usage of it as well, you do not print a T-shirt for an indoor event with dri-fit it would probably make you feel cold or uncomfortable about it and when you are doing a sports event, of course dri-fit materials will feel better than cotton which sucks up too much of perspiration and it makes no sense. There are also materials that are slightly warmer that can be used for colder weather or colder settings so you should always let the printing company know what the use of this T-Shirt is for the best quality of material that can be used.

The most important thing to note is to make sure you feel comfortable in the material of choice so that you and your team or friends will be happy being in this T-Shirt or shirt for a long period of time. When you are uncomfortable you wont like it and it defeats the purpose of printing something for your own.

2. There are many forms of printing that you can use

Silkscreen printing is a good choice for lower budget printers, they can use that for school or class t shirts that may be low on budget because you must pay for it yourself. Embroidery work can be a good way to look professional and also great for events printing when you are trying to print for high level executives. Maybe there is a need to have the logo of the organization on the chest area. Or the CEO wants his name to be printed on his sleeves. This is one of the nice ways to make something that can stand out from the rest because embroidery is three dimensional and this is great for most forms of higher level work.

3. Monitor your budget closely

When you are printing for your organization or your class t-shirt, you might go over the budget without realizing. The more colours there are the more likely it will cost more. The most designs to be printed in terms of surface area, it will also cost more.

Budgets can also ensure that you do not over print certain items. We are able to assist you based on the budget you have per piece of t-shirt or shirt. The material and printing methods can be tailored so that you are able to maximize the budget you have for your event shirt or your cca t-shirt requirements.

If you require more advice on the printing of t-shirts for any purposes. Do contact the Global Asia Printings team to help you out with the planning and idea generating process.