Top Singapore Corporate Gift Items for 1st Half 2020

Top Singapore Corporate Gift Items for 1st Half 2020 – Covid-19 has shaped the year of 2020 with its deadly spread across the world. The world has been placed under lock down and in Singapore it has been placed on the circuit breaker with essential services running and all other activities grinding to a halt.

Many businesses are suffering bankruptcy fate and many people have lost their jobs. We at Global Asia Printings are also trying our very best to tide through this tough period and we wish that our customers will be able to pull through this tough period.

We will like to take this chance to share some of the Top Singapore Corporate Gift Items for 1st Half 2020.

We will also like to share that this items are based on the popularity of it during this period.

The 3 Ply Disposable face mask is one of the hottest items in Singapore during the lock down and prior to that. Everyone was ready to wear something that can help them to reduce the spread and also the inhaling of potentially Covid-19 causing virus. This item had for a period of time spiked up in prices as well.

Currently, everyone who leaves their homes are needed to wear a mask to prevent the spread of the virus and this will still be an important product to keep so that you will have things ready when the need arises.

Much more comfortable option for those who have to wear a mask. The cotton face mask is much more comfortable to the skin and easier to breathe in.

Reusable means you can wash it and use it again when you are out and this is much more environmentally friendly than the disposable options.

Popular for corporate companies that wish to print their logos on their mask for branding purposes.

Bacteria can be all around you and on the items that you bring home. Having this handy item is one of the ways to keep your office and your home safe.

Placing your personal items into them to sterilize it for a few minutes can ensure that you keep the people you love safe.

For those who have to meet a lot of people and also for those who are on the front line, you should try to make sure you can protect yourself and your staff members to the best of your abilities.

The face shield is a practical item that will help you prevent the spread of the virus through your saliva and particles.

This items are what we will prefer to have when the situation is still getting controlled.

We are glad that the country is slowly moving towards the Phase 2 and 3 where we can head back to work and the economy can be rebooted.

But as the saying goes, the government is trying to restart the economy not because of the people. So if you are someone who is still not so confident of the situation, it is still advised to stay home and rest and spend more time with family before you decide to head out more often.

Global Asia Printings is a Singapore supplier of Covid-19 Essential attentions and also a Singapore Corporate Gifts Suppliers. We distribute high quality gifts for businesses and if you require such items you can speak to us to find out more.