Top Choice of Lifestyle Corporate Gift for your Gifting Needs

Lifestyle Corporate Gift – Lifestyle is what set you apart from the rest and what makes you different and cool.

When we are growing up, we like to dress differently and look differently and sometimes behave differently.

Lifestyle items can make you look and feel different and everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and be the cool kid on the block. The latest or the nicest things are always the fun stuff to have.

Below are some of the lifestyle corporate gift products that Global Asia Printings will like to share with everyone and also to share what we can do for our corporate clients.


1. Mini Capsule Umbrella


Mini Capsule Umbrella

Everyone hates bulk. A bulky umbrella is something that no one likes to bring around. But, the umbrella is very important item in the bags of people based in Singapore.

Singapore has a bad weather and it can change anytime from shiny to rainy. Having an umbrella on hand is the single most useful thing you can do.

The mini capsule umbrella is a very practical item of use and it also is so small and easy to bring around it fits into most handbags.

For the male customers, it fits nicely into your laptop bags where you can bring around.

Gone are the days when you have to stand under a block to wait for the rain to stop.

Get the cool capsule size umbrella today!

2. Aquarius Sports Towel 

Aquarius Sports Towel

Most modern people have minimal time from their busy schedules to go for exercise.

The best way to keep healthy is to have a short jog every other day. Keeps your heart healthy and also keeps you active.

Light exercise is great for most people to keep active and happy and helps to regulate stress.

Aquarius Sports towel is a handy product that you can carry around with ease and use it when you exercise.

Lightweight and practical lifestyle gift for your guest and for your employees to keep healthy and going for a great day!


3. Double Wall PP Tumbler 

Double Wall PP Tumbler


Found those double wall tumblers with designs from big coffee brands or from the theme park you just went?

We could product this with high quality printing for your brand too. Share this with your customers who drink hot coffee or hot tea and they will be bring your brand around with them.

Most people love to have such beautiful and useful items with them.

The practicality of this product is nothing less than amazing and we also love this product for our own use!


4. Tube Wine OpenerTube Wine Opener

What is lifestyle without wine. When you are needing some relax time and to tune off, the best way is to get a bottle of wine and enjoy it.

The tube wine opener is one of the most practical items for your gifting needs. The christmas season is around the corner and there will be great use for having a handy wine opener around for the guest brought wine.

The tube wine opener is also easy to store and display. It looks good and it is one of high quality and class.

One of our proud products that we wish to show case to the world from our lifestyle corporate gift sections.


5. Cutlery Set in Pouch

Cutlery Set in Pouch

Don’t like disposable cutlery but worried whether the cutlery you use are clean? Bring your own Cutlery!

Especially useful when you travel overseas, the cutlery set in pouch is handy and easy to bring around.

Beautiful classy pouch and high quality cutlery makes it a good lifestyle corporate gift item for the everyday user.

Print your logo on the pouch and people will recognize how you care about their lifestyle and their well-being


6. Smart Key Organizer

Smart Key Organizer

Key Bunches are the most horrible bunches. When you have too many keys and you have no idea how to sort them out and also to keep them well.

A nice key organizer will be able to keep things need and tidy and makes sure you are able to find the correct key for the correct lock.

The smart key organizer is also stylish and cool looking and it comes in very nice colors and finishing.

You no longer need to endure the headache of a huge key bunch and enjoy having a beautiful piece of art in your pocket or bag.

Definitely a lifestyle corporate gift of choice in Singapore


7. Bamboo Fibre Mug with Lid & Sleeve 

Bamboo Fibre Mug with Lid & Sleeve

We as a generation has been using up more plastic items that most in other generations.

With the recent wave to save the earth, there has been a push to use products that are more environmentally friendly and preferably can be reused more often.

Introducing the Bamboo Fibre Mug with Lid and Sleeve, this product is practical and easy to use.

It is also made of bamboo fibre which is a very environmentally friendly product.

High quality finish with bright colours, use them for your next Starbucks trips.

Definitely one of the most welcomed gift.


8. 23″ Inverted Umbrella

23″ Inverted Umbrella

The December Weather in Singapore is always rainy. And this monsoon period last for a few months before things get better before the Lunar New Year periods.

Having an umbrella in your vehicle is a must have. The latest in design are the inverted umbrellas that open from bottom up.

It easy to open from within the vehicle to reduce getting yourself drenched and its also easy to keep and make dry because of its unique design.

Logos and printings can be done on the outward facing side for your corporate branding needs.



Global Asia Printings is a leading lifestyle corporate gift company that will assist you in sourcing, printing and deliver of your corporate gifting needs.

We have many years of Gift Printing experience and work with many different types of gifts.

Customization of your lifestyle corporate gift can be done with your intended changes, we will quote you the best price for your budget.

We are proud of our service and will be glad to work with you closely to deliver high quality products for your needs for your business.

Contact us to get a quote now and find out the many choices you can make.


Top Choice of Lifestyle Corporate Gift for your Gifting Needs