Support your staff with gifts

Support your staff with gifts – Covid 19 is going to be a long fight. We all expected things to last for a few months and go off, just like what SARS was. Not many expected that life will be so different for so many years and likely another year or two.

Emotionally and mentally, this has been very taxing on everyone. Especially those who have to change their working environment and also those that are required to work from home and having to handle their children and also work at the same time.

There are also those who are working on the front line and going through the stress of the higher chance of infection.

This is something that has been causing a lot of stress to many people.

Business owners understand that morale is a very important part to running a company and this trying years are the ones that will test how strong your firm is in supporting your staff members.

For those staff members that require more of an injection of morale, we suggest to give something that is useful for their daily lives.

A water bottle that has some motivation words may be a good start.


600ml Mason Fruit Infuser Bottle – BPA Free (LS0126)

Printing can be done on the surface of the bottle so that you are able to write something to keep them going.

This is also something that your staff members can bring around and thus this is something that will help spread the message.

We are glad to have the capabilities to assist.

During this time of tough circumstances, we hope to see our customers doing well and continue to go strength to strength.

Challenges help everyone to improve.

Global Asia Printings aim to do better in the long term for our clients.

If you need help with corporate gifts and t-shirt printing, let us know!

Support your staff with gifts