Starting 2020 with a bang with a corporate gift of choice

Starting 2020 with a bang with a corporate gift of choice  – The most important about a good year is to have a good start. Starting the year with a bang is something that most people will love to work on together. There are so many things that you can do to help you build a brand in this country. The most important thing that people have to do when they run a business is when they do sales. Sales is imporant and keeping your customers and making sure they feel appreciated is the most important thing.

Corporate gifts are a great way to show appreciation to the people that you care for. Customers who have been very supportive of you or if you have this group of employees or senior executives that you care for.

There are many cool new items that you can share with the people you care for. The new customized items are very popular nowadays because we know that most people can get the common things done and we are able to do more that what most people can because of our supply chain that we build over the years that allow us to come up with more interesting and cool ideas.

So if you are really keen to come up with something that is interesting and new , we can work with you on delivering this high quality new item that will make sure you stand out.



Customised PVC Powerbank – 2600mAh (GE0079)



Are you looking at something that is cute and special. Looking at this red bull can style power bank, definitely something that you can use to stand out from the crowd. Everyone can come up with a power bank but if it relates to your brand and people bring it around the whole place and use it on a daily basis, you will definitely love and enjoy it. This is something so uncommon and special and your customers will love to have them so that they can share it with their friends on how an interesting gift they received.



16oz Travel Tumbler – BPA Free (LS0108)



Travel tumbler is one of the cool things that you can have when you are moving around many places. The tumbler is BPA free and it is also finished in a very nice metallic feel to it. We are able to print your logo on the bottle to give the best effects for your branding purposes.

We are glad to also share that we are able to deliver this products at a fast rate so that you will not miss out on your events.



Aplux Passport Holder (TA0044)



Passport holders are the most useful nowadays for the travelers. You can keep important items inside including your pen and also for you to move with the times and get to see more of the world.


Global Asia Printing looks forward to a good year of corporate gifts and printing services for our clients.

Wishing everyone a happy new year!

Starting 2020 with a bang with a corporate gift of choice