Sports Team Printing Options for 2019

Sports Team Printing Options for 2019 – 2019 season is going to start. For most schools and CCAs, its another year of glory for your school and your activity group. Years or months of training will culminate to winning competitions at the National Level and competing with some of the best in the country to win championships that will ensure glory for your group and your school for the year to come.

With a fresh new year, most schools and CCA groups will also come up with new sports team attires for their new year. New Jerseys, new caps, new tops or bottoms are some of the preferred attires that schools and CCAs will print for incoming members and also to renew and refresh the design for the current team.

We have some items that we wish to propose to you and your team if you are interested in getting them done for your team or school or CCA.

1. Varsity Jackets

We printed a jacket for James Cook University Singapore, high quality varsity jackets for this university in Singapore, good material and very lasting. Zips are high quality and we are glad our customers enjoyed the jackets.


2. CCA T-Shirt



Are you or were you a scout? CCA T-Shirt Printing for Scouts in Singapore. Done with high quality t-shirts


3. School Polo Shirts

SOTA commissioned us to assist with multi colour embroidery work for their school polo t-shirts. We are glad to be able to be part of the creative edge of things with the Singapore School of the Arts


4. School Caps / CCA Caps

Very unique School Cap Printing for UWC South East Asia with the unique merlion logo at the front. Bright red which really stands out in the crowd.




5. Muslimah for Schools


National University of Singapore commissioned us in a project to print their Round Neck T-Shirts and also Muslimah attire for their muslim students. Lovely set of attires.

6. Camp T-Shirts


Whats freshmen orientation without a nice orientation camp to go to. Camp T-Shirt Printing done for makers camp at Nanyang Technological University

7. School Lanyards

Lanyard Printing for Gan Eng Seng Secondary School.

8. CCA Windbreakers


Haising Catholic Windbreaker


Hai Sing Catholic Robotics commissioned us with their Windbreaker Printing. Great design and representing Singapore for World Championship!



If you require any T-Shirt Printing or Attire Printing for your group, do contact us for a quote so that we can work with you to deliver high quality products.