Singapore Face Shield Supplies for your Business needs

Singapore Face Shield Supplies for your Business needs – Covid-19 has caused a lot of disruption to the lives of many people around the world and in Singapore. Following the end of circuit breaker measures in Singapore, the economy is slowly opening up. For most businesses, there are still the need for wearing of face mask or for a face shield that will help you to cover your mouth or at least your face from droplet particles. As droplets are the main ways of transmission, slowing down the droplets are the main way in slowing down the virus.

There are many questions about what are a good face covering and the government have recently allowed face shields to be used in place of a face mask and this is also useful for those that are working in a kitchen. When this happens, it makes things a lot easier for many people who might be in warm and uncomfortable situations.

Face shields in Singapore are also useful for those on the retail and food and beverages front. Some businesses might feel the need to do a double coverage to protect their staff from the retail customers.

Face Shield (ME0004)


Global Asia Printings is one of the leading importers of Face Shields in Singapore and we have a steady supply of Face Shields.

If you are a business that needs this item for your starting of operations, you can get your Face Shield Supplies from us in Singapore.

Singapore Face Shield Supplies for your Business needsThis item is useful for most people and it can also be ordered in bulk through us if you need it for personal use as an alternative to a face mask which might be hard to breathe in and it also makes things a lot easier to work with.

We look forward to doing more for the community to protect against Covid-19 coronavirus, we also hope that this wave of infections will stop so that everyone can go back to their normal life. Before this happens, the face shield or face mask is definitely something everyone will need for quite awhile.

If you are from a corporate business and needs bulk, speak to us. If not individuals are also open to ordering from us if you need this.

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Singapore Face Shield Supplies for your Business needs