Singapore Corporate Gift Ideas for June 2020

Singapore Corporate Gift Ideas for June 2020 – 2020 has been a tough year for most businesses including Global Asia Printings. Most businesses have faced a fall in revenue due to the lower economic activity and we all wish that the economy will start recovering so that the livelihood of Singaporeans can get better.

We are coming up with a series of ideas for Singapore Corporate Gift Ideas for June 2020 to share with everyone so that you can use this as an option to purchase items for your business gifting needs to either help with your business branding or making sure that you are reaching out to your loyal clients on a regular basis and that they know you and your brand care about them.

During a time of crisis, having time to manage such a Singapore business gifting campaign of giving will go a long way to show that you stand by your customers and their needs and also you show that you are someone who cares from the bottom of your heart.

So here are some of the Singapore Corporate Gift Ideas for June 2020 we will like to share with you.

1. UV Sterilizer Box

UV Sterilizer Box (GE0089)


The whole idea of giving is to give something that the recipient will put to good use. There is no point printing your logo or name on something and giving your item and realizing that they kept it nicely in the storage and never using it once.

In this time of Covid-19, anything that can help you to kill bacteria or virus is welcomed. The UV Sterilizer Supplies is one of the most popular items for April and May and we will love to share that it is still one of the top recommended items of giving for the month of June.

Corporate companies can give this to their staff members or the customers that they value and share with them how you wish for them to keep safe and how to ensure that by giving them something that is actually useful in killing of bacteria and harmful things on your equipment or daily items.

2. Fitness Tracker / Smart Wristband

Fitness Tracker / Smart Wristband (GE0091)

Keeping fit helps you to stay on top of things and also on top of this virus outbreak. A strong body means a strong immunity, with so many weird viruses and bacteria going around, the important thing to do is to make sure you are keeping active and healthy by going for regular walks and jogs.

How better to keep track of what you are doing in terms of sports than to track yourself through a fitness watch tracker. One way that you can use this as a good corporate gift item for your clients or employees is to print a small logo on the bank and gift this to them so that they can use it for their own fitness and exercise routines.

A practical little Singapore Door Gift item as well, that you can give to high value customers that you know will appreciate such items for their daily use.

3. Care Packages

Care Pack – Basic (ME0005)

Are you an insurance agent or a real estate agent? Closing a deal means a good sum of income and you know that this can be a good recurring business for you. So what do you do when you are able to get such a good business for your clients.

A care package supply is great for those who wish to have all the essential anti-covid19 items without having to do the packing and also the sourcing of the items yourself. We are able to source for all the basic items for your for a fix price and assist you with the packing and printing on the package for you.

Global Asia Printings is a leading Singapore Corporate Gift Shop & Supplier of Singapore Gifts that assist customers with their need for various items for their Door Gifts or for their giving for branding and marketing purpose. We have been working with clients from all walks of life and also from all background and we are able to give you a keen idea of what works best in your situation.

Speak to our sales executives that can give you the best Singapore Corporate Gift Ideas for June 2020.

Thank you for your interest and reading our article on “Singapore Corporate Gift Ideas for June 2020”.

Singapore Corporate Gift Ideas for June 2020