10 Most Popular Options for Singapore T-Shirt Printing

10 Most Popular Options for Singapore T-Shirt Printing – Are you someone who loves to Print your own unique customized T-Shirts?

T-Shirts are comfortable and cheap clothing that you can wear on a daily basis.

Singapore has one of the hottest weather in the world and if you do not get yourself some nice and comfortable T-Shirts to wear, you will likely suffer the heat of Singapore and probably go towards having a bad day.

Singaporeans love their T-Shirt and with them, there are so many different options.

You can have them long or short sleeves or have them cotton or dri-fit.

For the different options, you also have different brands.

Let us now write about some of the 10 Most Popular Options for Singapore T-Shirt Printing.


1. Dri Fit Short Sleeve Raglan Tee (AW0105)


The Raglan Dri Fit Short Sleeve.

This one of the preferred choices for those who wish to print for their schools.

Schools can print such attires for the PE attire for students.

It is comfortable and come in a two tone choice of color.

For most, this color difference can be used to determine the year group of that particular student.

This is highly preferred choice for school t-shirt printing needs.


2. Cotton Short Sleeve Raglan Tee (AW0057)

The Cotton Short Sleeve Raglan Tee is a very popular outfit for students as well.

For those students who wish to have a stylish and cool outfit.

This is great for your Class T-Shirt or CCA T-Shirt.

You could have the option of printing your logo and also having some unique color choices.

This is great for any groups of students that wish to stand out and be special in their school grounds.


3. Interlock Round Neck Tee – Sublimation Print (AW0039)


10 Most Popular Options for Singapore T-Shirt Printing

The Sublimation Print Interlock Round Neck Tee, as you can see is preferred by Corporate T-Shirt Printing, in this case GRAB.

This way of printing is preferred for its versatility and also the customizations that are to be unique.

Any design can be printed but one note is that it will cost your organization more money to do such high quality printing.



4. Customised Round Neck Tee (AW0024)

10 Most Popular Options for Singapore T-Shirt Printing

The customized Round Neck Tee, also very popular to VWO T-Shirt Printing and also Organization T-Shirt Printing.

You get to customize how your color will be like and also the interior colors.

For those who prefer the different style and also the nice settings of customizations, you can choose this type of printing.

We are glad to work with many companies that prefer this method, in this above sample, with the Singapore Red Cross Youth.


5. Basic Cotton Round Neck Tee – Unisex (AW0016)

The basic cotton round neck tee unisex is one of the most common options for any form of Shirt Printings.

This is also one of the common models of T-Shirt around in the clothing market.

We work closely with anyone who needs such design work to be done and printed, talk to us for your customizations!



6. Gildan Premium Cotton Long Sleeve – Unisex (AW0004)

Not Exactly a T-Shirt but it feels like it.

The Gildan Premium Cotton Long Sleeve is a very comfortable long sleeve option for any business or groups that wish to have their printing done for their particular use.

If you are indoor in Singapore most of the time and will want your group to feel comfortable, this is a good option.

The long sleeve shirt is a customizable option as well where you can do your choice of printing on it!


7. Gildan Premium Cotton – Unisex (AW0001)

Gildan Premium cotton is a premium choice of material that you could strongly consider for your printing needs.

Most businesses or even some groups choose a premium quality material to ensure that their guest or their groups feel comfortable in them.

Choose Premium materials with us and also we will deliver high quality printing for you.


8. Adidas Own The Run Round Neck Tee (AW0048)

10 Most Popular Options for Singapore T-Shirt Printing

When it comes to sports attire, you cannot miss out on Adidas.

You corporate attire can have your logo and the Adidas brand on it.

Adidas stands for great quality and when it comes to sports attire, it is also fashionable!


9. Under Armour 2.0 Locker Round Neck Tee (AW0052)

10 Most Popular Options for Singapore T-Shirt Printing

Under Armour is a great brand that has in recent years grew and become one of the most reputable in the sports wear space.

We can print your logo or design together with the guarantee of great comfort and quality with the Under Armour quality and brand.

Definitely great for your Sports Group or CCA Group Printing needs.


10. Anvil Camouflage Tee (AW0079)

And last but not least, the Anvil Camouflage Tee.

Do you like Camo prints, this is one thing that you can print for yourself or your group of friends.

Comfortable and fashionable design, you could also choose this option for your Army Shirt Printing needs.

That is if you love the Camo look so much!

Global Asia Printings is one of the leading shirt printing services company in Singapore.

We work closely with CCAs, Classes, Corporates and Events to get their T-Shirt Printing done.

We hope to work with you to deliver high quality design and quality attire as well, speak to us!

10 Most Popular Options for Singapore T-Shirt Printing