Most popular Corporate Gift items of April 2021

Most popular Corporate Gift items of April 2021Global Asia Printings is the leading corporate gift supplier in Singapore.

For the month of april we are able to show you some of the popular items based on the search results on our website.

We are keen to share so that you will know what is good for you and your business.

Here are some of our suggestions and lets take a look at what we can do to help you with your business.


1. Anti Theft Bag

Anti Theft Bag (B0016)

The anti theft bag is back in popularity.

Great item and very inexpensive. Something that is useful when you need to travel or move around places that have theft.

Not just for anti theft reasons, you can use this to carry things around without the fear of them tearing and contents spilling.



2. A4 L-Shape File

A4 L-Shape File (STA0008)

The A4 L Shape file is a popular item you can use for your business.

Showcase your brand name or your organization so that everyone who attends the event will remember.

It is also a useful stationery for those that want to use them for the longer term.


3. Reusable Cotton Face Mask


Reusable Cotton Face Mask – 4 Layers (ME0002)

The mask became a very important item during the covid 19 pandemic.

The disposable mask is something that causes waste and most decided to switch to reusable mask for more environmental friendly purpose.

The reusable mask is a great way to do branding because you are able to embroider or print your company logo on the mask.

If you need reusable mask with your logo on it you can speak to us to customize it for you.



4. Customized Crystal Trophy


Customised Crystal Trophy (AR0001)


Great item for awards and also for items for giving out to employee.

Popular with real estate and insurance companies for their top winners.

You can get your custom crystal trophy done at a good price!


Global Asia Printings is a leading t shirt printing and corporate gift printing company.

If you need help in customizing something that is unique, you can also speak to us.

Thank you for reading our article on “Most popular Corporate Gift items of April 2021”.

Most popular Corporate Gift items of April 2021