10 Most Affordable Cheap Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore

10 Most Affordable Cheap Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore – Do you enjoy getting affordable and cheap gifts for your friends and family.

Most businesses also enjoy doing that for their customers.

You want something that not just looks and feel good but also something that is useful and also a meaningful item.

Global Asia Printings is able to deliver to you just that.

We have a series of Cheap Corporate Gift ideas that we can share with you and you will be spoilt with choices afterwards.

The affordable series of gifts is also where we consolidate what we frequently source for our customers.

Our customers will set us a budget that will be in the affordable range and if we find that it is useful for our clients, we will place them in that group.

Let us now share with you 7 Most Affordable Cheap Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore

1. Mobile Phone Holder (GE0018)

7 Most Affordable Cheap Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore

The mobile phone holder is a very practical item.

One of the most practical items that you carry with you all the time is your mobile phone.

If you want to have a nice place to place your own mobile phone, you need your holder.

Your customers will be keen to see your logo everyday when they use the holder.


2. A4 L-Shape File (STA0008)

7 Most Affordable Cheap Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore

The A4 L Shape file is a useful item when people go for seminars.

This item is also useful for those who have an office.

When an office needs to put their files together for a report, they need such files and printing such files can be a nice office warming gift.

You have your logo on it, the office staff needs to use it and they will be glad to use something that is given to them.

You get the branding and also be reminded of the branding when they use the file.


3. Sport Bottle with Cup (LS0089)

The Sports bottle with a cup is such an useful item when the athletes need to rest and get a drink.

Cup drinking is much more satisfying and something that everyone will prefer to have.

The logo of your company or organization can be printed on the sports bottle.

4. Ceramic Mug (LS0015)

The classic ceramic mug, when you are a business that wants to make sure your logo is definitely seen, give others a mug.

The mug is something that will definitely be used in the office.

For coffee or for water, you will need to use a ceramic mug.

Easy to print a logo and also designs and very useful for every business.


5. Customised Cotton Bag (B0053)



Giving out some free gift?

Or are you trying to keep some items in a bag.

The cotton bag is useful in this time and age when everyone wants you to use less plastic bags.

The customized bag is also useful because you are able to print your logo and any design for your event or business.

6. Post It Pad with Cover (STA0139)

The post it is very useful for your business.

Businesses use post it for reminders and if you have a post it pad that has your logo or design, people will see it everyday.

The reminders will also be a good brand reminder for yourself.

Good to use and useful for a long time.


7. Non Woven Bottle Bag (B0110)

The non woven bag, one of the classic items.

We recommend this for wines or spirits and also any other item that you will like to gift to your customers.

We are able to help you source for the extra items too!


8. Silicone Wristband (PR0011)

The Silicone Wristband is a great item for identification for events and also for your participants.

You can tell who are visitors or who are important.

You can also use it for your parties and events to know who are the VIPs to give your free flow drinks to!


9. Adhesive Mobile Pouch (GE0020)

The Adhesive mobile pouch is extremely useful for persons who wish to carry their cards along with them.

Having this pouch with your logo will be useful for anyone wants to be featured on the back of their customer’s phone.

Affordable and Cheap item that has very extensive uses.


10. PVC Pencil Pouch (STA0018)


If there is an occasion to give something to your students, the Pencil Pouch is the most useful.

The PVC transparency also makes it fashionable and cool with your logo!


Global Asia Printings is a Singapore Top Corporate Gift Printing company.

If you are looking for unique options or customize you own gifts, you can speak to us.

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10 Most Affordable Cheap Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore