Introducing the A5 Notebook Printing in Singapore

Introducing the A5 Notebook Printing in Singapore – The A5 Notebook Singapore is one of the most common and widely used corporate gift item that most corporate will prefer to give out. What are the most useful items in the office, the A5 Notebook definitely is the champion. This items as corporate gifts are great because they are cheap, easy to print on and also very very useful for anyone who wishes to have their brand brought around and used by their customers. Writing on nice paper is one thing that most people will love to have and give to customers.

The notebook material does affect the pricing of this products and also what brand you work on. Having a reputable brand name for the quality A5 notebook supplier means you will have something your customer will truly identify with but will cost you slightly more of course.

We at Global Asia Printings is one of the leading supplier for A5 Notebooks in Singapore and we can do customized printing of A5 Notebooks .


MOLESKINE A5 Classic Notebook (STA0129)



Moleskine is a nice brand with nice material. Something that most youngsters will love to carry around for their writing purposes. If you want to have a good printing purpose for your customers. You can always use this for your business. The businesses that print on the cover will be able to show case a nice felt material of Moleskine and also have a good placement of branding for their businesses.

We are a supplier of Moleskine printing A5 Notebooks that you and your customers will definitely enjoy


A5 Balmain Notebook (STA0124)



The Balmain Notebook is nice and good to the touch. We carry a very nice version of this and we are able to customize and print your logo for the needs of your notebook gifting to customers this coming festive season. We are glad to be able to help you and also advise you on how we can use the A5 Balmain notebook for your needs for corporate gifts.


Eco-Friendly Notebook with Pen (STA0102)



This time and age is when the eco-friendly items are becoming very common and also welcomed. Made of recycled product items, the eco-friendly notebook also comes with a pen and a pen slot that makes it easy to use and also nice to carry around. The eco-friendly materials are also good for events where there might be a climate change slant to it and this makes your organization look good and feel good as well. The pricing of such products are not expensive and we are able to do printing on it for the maximizing of your brand value.

Eco-Friendly gifts are also becoming more welcomed in the work place and when you have customers who are very into Eco-Friendly items. Definitely a must have corporate gift item when you are planning to work for a long term future for your future generations and showing the world that you truly care for the health of our earth.

Do you need A5 Notebook printing for your corporate gift needs? Contact our customer services professionals or visit our page to find out more about the various A5 Notebook we carry.


Introducing the A5 Notebook Printing in Singapore