How to get the attention of your customers and retain them

How to get the attention of your customers and retain them – Getting new customers is not an easy feat. A business needs to spend quite a lot of money on marketing before they are able to get a new customer into their customer base and the way they retain them is important. One repeat customer is better than getting a new one because you dont need to spend too much on keeping them as compared to marketing to get the new customer attention.

So some of the best ways to go about getting attention from customers and retaining them, we are going to discuss them closely here and we will like to examine what is the better and more cost effective way of doing things.

  1. Marketing through social media and networks

Facebook and Instagram marketing is now a very strong base for businesses that want to reach consumers. They have a good system to target the customers that you want to reach and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of lower marketing cost and therefore higher returns. This helps businesses to grow and this helps small business to start. In the past, small businesses will have issues trying to reach their customers because of limited marketing budgets and now with the advent of digital marketing and social media and networks, this has changed.

2. Print media

The print media is still here to stay. With more people moving onto social media, print and tv media actually has lowered their cost. Depending on the products that you are selling, if you are trying to reach out to the older crowd, print and tv media is still one of the best ways to keep them coming and also to attract new customer base.

Print media has a good outreach but they are not very trackable so this is one thing that is lacking as compared to online marketing.

3. Corporate gifts

We talked about the ways to gain new ones but retaining them is the next part. Corporate gifts are one of the most effective ways to keep customers happy. When you print them something for the Christmas seasons or when you do that for the new year. They know you care and they will be happy to work closely with you to deliver the high quality of work with you.

They are happy to work closely with you if you know exactly what they need and this can be shown through a good choice of corporate gift for your customers.


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