How to decide the type of Corporate Gift to get for your clients

How to decide the type of Corporate Gift to get for your clients

Corporate Gifts are a great way to thank you customers when they give you business and also a great way to stay in touch and keep in contact with them. Top customers are the ones that will keep coming back to you for repeat purchases and this are the best customers that will deliver the best quality of goods.

As a corporate gift supplier, GAPS is keen on assisting our customers in finding out what is the best way to choose the best corporate gift items for your customers, so for our customers who are looking to purchase items, here are some of the tips we have brought together for you to make a better decision for your business purchases.

  1. Know your budget

    Most business owners know that they want to do something for their clients and want to print something for them and also for you to be able to do it for the limited budget you have. If you have unlimited budget this would be easy but most of the time finance will tell you this is the max you can spend. Over the number of clients to gift to you will only have a limited pool of cash for your customers.With this in mind, you will need to budget out how best to get to the clients with the limited amount of money you have per head.When you can provide budget figures for us to quote, we will be able to give you the best ideas that will best fit your needs.For those with lower budgets for your corporate gift needs, you can find more options from our Affordable Corporate Gift Section.

  2. Know what your customer will like

    Sometimes specific customers with specific needs can be easily identified. For those customers with a nice office, you could gift stationery or cups that they will use when they are in the office. They will be placed on the desk and when they start work they will be looking at the things you are gifting to them.When you customer is those that are out and about, you could gift them something practical like a portable charger for their cellphone devices. Printing your logo and saying that its with compliments might be a great way for you to gift to your customers items that will be highly useful for them.Knowing what they like will ensure you gift something useful and nice for them to be grateful for you for.

  3. Know what are your objectives

    Are you planning to make sure your customer get see your brand and your name everyday? Or is it just to thank them for helping you out with a project, or maybe its to make sure that their customers too will see your brand.The objective is important if you want to make sure you are able to deliver the best impact for the amount of money you plan to spend on such a project.When you have this in mind, the choice of what to get for your customer and also the budget to set aside will be easier to come to mind. This ensures you are able to achieve the most with the least.

  4. Know your lead time requirements

    Do you need it in a few days, or do you need the item in a few weeks. The lead time can make a big difference in terms of price and it can also make a big difference in terms of delivery quality.With more time, there can be more QC work done and this means higher quality work, you will also be able to get things for cheaper because there is no rush for import or for printing or delivery.

Global Asia Printings is happy to assist you in your corporate gift printing needs. Contact us now to find out more!

How to decide the type of Corporate Gift to get for your clients