Great New Corporate Gift ideas for 2021

Great New Corporate Gift ideas for 2021 – Its the New Year of 2021, we are glad that things have been going fine in Singapore and we are on route to recovering from the Pandemic that has caused much trouble to the economy and lives of many.

The pandemic has been a gloomy part of 2020 and with this new year, we hope that things gets better with the vaccine in the process of being administered to people in Singapore.

There are many new additions of interesting and cute corporate gifts that we will like to share with our future customers.

There are also many new things that you can do to customize your gifts that you want to gift to a certain groups of people.


1. Promotional Rubik’s Cube Keychain (PR0051)

Promotional Rubik’s Cube Keychain (PR0051)

The Rubik’s Cube Keychain is something very unique and different.

You can have your logo on it and it works nicely for someone who will be keen to play with a Rubik’s Cube.

This is something very rare that most people will not be usually doing for their corporate gift needs.

It sets you apart from the rest by being special and something fund and useful for your needs that will help others to remember you when you are gifting a corporate gift item for the new year of 2021.



2. Xiaomi Portable Speaker (GE0104)

Xiaomi Portable Speaker (GE0104)

The Xiaomi portable speaker is probably a very practical gift that most people will enjoy and use.

Useful when they head out to go for a date or maybe with friends to hang out and have a picnic.

Overseas trips are also great to have such an item to listen to music when places are quiet.

You can have your logo printed so that your customers will know that you are the one giving this to them.




3. 350gsm Cotton Bath Towel (LS0134)

350gsm Cotton Bath Towel (LS0134)


The bath towel probably one of the most interesting thing to give. When someone needs to have a nice and new bath towel, they will see that you have them covered.

Of course that would also mean that you should choose the higher quality stuff to gift.

If the material is not good, people might choose to use their own towel instead of yours!


4. Pump Inflatable Neck Pillow (TA0048)

Pump Inflatable Neck Pillow (TA0048)


Useful travel item that you can use for your travel needs.

Printing logo so that when your client travel they think of you!



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Great New Corporate Gift ideas for 2021