Getting a Singapore Care Pack Supplier for your business giving needs

Getting a Singapore Care Pack Supplier for your business giving needs – Are you a business owner or an agent that wants to show that you care. During this time of crisis and lock down of work places due to Covid-19, it has been a tough fight and it is also very tough to get in contact with your clients to show that you care.

When you wish to send something, you wish to send something that is useful and also able to deliver something really good for them to use in this trying period.

Something that is useful during this Covid-19 outbreak will be things that will be useful for your day to day use.

Things like hand sanitizers or a face mask or face shield. You can also get things like wet wipes and what we will do for you is to package things nicely for you so that you do not need to worry.

Getting all this item sourced and have your brand printed on the box is something we will love to do for you so that you can spend more time getting in touch with your client and calling them and getting in touch after you have the item delivered.

Sourcing it through Global Asia Printings, saves you time and effort and also allows you to do custom printing on the box that will help you to stand out!

Care Pack – Basic (ME0005)


We all know that this period is a tough period and with this inclusion of a care pack we hope to show more love and let more caring go around.

Some of the items include the Face Shield Supplies , the Singapore Disposable mask supplies and Singapore Custom reusable mask supplies.

Take care everyone and stay safe, we can do this together as one Singapore!

Global Asia Printings is able to assist with your printing needs and also with packing the necessary items you will need for your care pack supplies. So if you are looking for Singapore Care Pack products, you can come forward to speak to us about how you wan to customize it and also what is your budget so we can give you some of our suggestions on working something out for you and your organization.

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