Different types of Stationery

Different types of Stationery – There are many types of Stationery. We will cover all the different types of Stationery. And here is a list of them:

Notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, highlighters, markers, folders and binders. Let’s go over each type.

Notebooks are commonly used to write assignments by students in middle school and high school.

Notebooks have lines to write on and they come in a variety of sizes from half letter size up to double letter size. Notebooks also come in many different styles, such as grid-ruled, college ruled or blank. You can also buy notebooks that have graph paper so if you want to draw graph graphs you can do so easily.

Notebooks also come in different colors such as black, blue, red, green and brown.

Pens are a type of stationery that you write with. They usually have a small tip which makes writing easier because if the tip was thick it would be more difficult to write neatly with them. Pens also come in many colors but you can only buy them from retailers that sell stationery supplies or sometimes office supply stores. And most times they will have a color name for example: Blue Ballpoint Pen -blue-tip pen. A lovely Pen Holder will be nice.

Pencils are Stationery commonly used by students from elementary school up to high school students. Pencils generally have an eraser on the end so your mistakes can be easily erased. Pencils can be sharpened with a sharpener.

Pencils are made out of wood or sometimes plastic so when you write with them they don’t wear down easily like pens do. Pencil Cases are useful to keep them.

Crayons are Stationery that is used by young children in elementary school.

Crayons usually have 8 colors which are red, blue ,yellow, green, orange, purple , black and brown (the primary colors). They also come in bigger packs of 16 different colors (secondary Colors). And crayons can be broken if hit or banged against something hard like a desk for example. Crayons melt easily when heat is applied to them. To fix this problem companies make their crayon wax stronger (it is actually harder).

Erasers are Stationery that you usually use to erase pencils. There are many different types of erasers such as pink erasers, gum erasers and kneaded erasers which can be shaped into different forms. You can buy eraser at any stationary or office supply store.

Highlighters are Stationery used by students in school because it highlights text especially text from textbooks so the student’s homework will be easier to understand. Highlighters are available in a variety of colors including blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink. Most people prefer fluorescent highlighters instead of standard highlighters because they don’t smudge like regular highlighters tend to do sometimes.

Markers are Stationery that you use to write on paper with, unlike pens which you need a writing utensil. Markers come in a variety of different colors and many other types as well such as: fiber tip markers, felt tip markers, solid color markers and chisel tips. Some markers have scented to them so the marker actually smells good.

Markers usually have a cap to put on the top so they will not dry out or spill inside your bag or backpack. Markers often bleed through your paper because the ink is wet but if you want less bleeding then just buy markers that don’t bleed as much.

Folder are Stationery used by every student from middle school up until college for storing paper. Folders usually have pockets in them that you can store paper, booklets or even pictures inside. They are made out of different types of materials such as plastic or sometimes cloth, and they also come in different colors like red, green, orange blue and yellow.

Binders are Stationery used by students to store homework assignments so they don’t get lost or forgotten about. Binders are usually carried around whenever you go on a field trip because it has your schedule for the day on it so there is no need to carry around a bunch of extra papers with you if you have nothing better to do than carry around some folders/binders. Binders are made out of materials similar to that of folders most times but binders are a lot sturdier and stronger because it has to be able to carry around a bunch of papers.

Binders usually have different types of rings inside them because binders have multiple pages which you can put into them or take out whenever you need something from that binder. The smaller the ring size, the more sheets the binder can hold, so I would recommend going with a larger ring because there is less chance for your papers to fall out unexpectedly.

Binders come in many different colors such as: red , green, orange, blue and yellow. Binders may also have pictures on them if you want one with a picture on it.

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Different types of Stationery