Covid-19 Corporate Gifting Essentials

Covid-19 Corporate Gifting Essentials – Covid-19 is a tough period for many people and for many businesses this is also the period where many businesses will be suffering a great loss in revenue. There are some items that Global Asia Printings have brought in to help our customers reach out to their employees and also their corporate clients so that they can continue to build their goodwill and also for gifting needs.

This items are useful for their daily use and if you want to you can do color printing or you can do embroidery for their designs and help yourself and your brand to stand out from the rest.

So lets start to talk more about the topic of “Covid-19 Corporate Gifting Essentials”. Remember to look for Global Asia Printings as your Singapore Gift Supplier.

Mask Keeper

Mask Keeper (PR0042)


One of the most practical items that you can give to anyone now. Most people are using disposable face mask that are not just easy and convenient but also does not need washing which can be quite troublesome. The disposable face mask is also hard to keep clean when you want to have a drink or have your meals. Placing them in your pocket is probably one of the most common ways of keeping your disposable face mask but this is not the most hygenic method.

The Mask Keeper Supplies is thus one of the top favourite Covid-19 Corporate gift item that most of our customers love to take on so that they can gift to their customers something that is extremely useful right now.

Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

Non-contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer (ME0008)

Businesses will need to do this for every person that comes to their office to ensure that someone with a fever will not be allowed into the premises and if they are to be rejected from the grounds.

The fact of having such an item in place is great for those businesses that have a lot of footfall and will need a good working piece of forehead thermometer in hand. It makes a great corporate gift item.

Mask Storage Box

Mask Storage Box (PR0041)

The most practical item right now. If you are using a disposable or reusable mask, it may be quite a pain to keep your mask. Having the box will allow you to keep your mask in a safe and clean manner. The Mask Storage Box Supplies is one of out best selling items right now.

Care Pack Singapore

Care Pack – Basic (ME0005)

The care pack is what most people will buy for their customers. The insurance agents or real estate agents who wish to show that they care for their clients will choose to come up with customized Care Packages in Singapore for their customers.

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Covid-19 Corporate Gifting Essentials