Corporate gift Printing options for February 2019

Corporate gift Printing options for February 2019 – February is usually a busy time for most businesses, this is the period where everyone in Singapore is preparing for Chinese New Year, one of the important festivals in the Singapore calendar. Most businesses will have a good peak of activity in January because most people will buy goodies, buy new clothes, new cars and basically many new things to celebrate the new spring of the year.

Businesses will also take this chance to gather their business partners for a dinner where they will wish for good fortunes for everyone around them and also say good words about the year. Thanking them for a good year ahead. This is the best times for businesses to also thank their business partners, suppliers and banking partners with corporate gifts.

One of the best ways for your business partners to have a good memory and impression is to give some good quality products or gifts for them as door gifts. Some of the options that we can suggest for a good gift option are suggested below by some recommendations of our team.


1. Thumbdrives and extensions

Thumbdrives are very useful products that are used by most businesses today. It can be used to share information and files and together with your branding it gets seen multiple times a day by the users of the item. The photo above is one done for nielsen where thumbdrives require more ports and this port extensions are very practical and helps you to share your brand with more people when they are using the extension port for practical uses such as downloading information or when they are charging one of their accessories.



2. Notebooks with logo printing

This is something that most people like to give and there is a reason why it is popular. Anyone needs paper and pen to write information and record ideas. The notebook is also a cheap and affordable corporate gift printing idea for most businesses.

The materials can also be good for nature if you choose options that are renewable.

There are also cost effective with each item costing just a few dollars if the quantity is optimized.

Above is a notebook our team printed for the technological company Google Singapore.



3. Wireless charging points

Most cell phones that everyone has now is able to support wireless charging and if you are executive that does not really have the time to find your cable and plug it in, the fastest way of getting that done is to just simply place it on top of a wireless charging point.

Having your brand seen before and after charging for your customer is a way to build good will for them to remember the importance of you when you are needed. This helps build brand identification.


Global Asia Printings wishes everyone of our customers and potential customers a Happy Chinese New Year ahead and may things be prosperous this 2019!


Corporate gift Printing options for February 2019